to have it all part 2

HEY!!!! Welcome to part 2 of to have it all. If you haven't taken the first part, you should take it so you understand this part. I was so happy to see the comments and ratings! I got all good comments. But remember, if you think the story is bad, don't be afraid to say so.

Remember? The guys are in your room talking about how you were kidnapped by Fez and Kent. ( Fuzz and Tent for those who gave them nicknames) and Ben was about to tell you WHY you were kidnapped. P.S. thanks to my fans and my insperation, Firey_Soul. Enjoy part 2!

Created by: astrogirl

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  1. "Your power." Ben says. He hangs his head like he has announced death. "What? What do you mean… power?" You ask.
  2. " You must have the wrong girl." You say, shaking your head. "____, we do NOT, have the wrong girl. We are sure this is the girl." Chris says. Seth nods his head.
  3. We are all immortal beings. Seth says. Your confused. " What? Did you say we are ALL immortal beings?" Everyone nods their heads. They all start to glow in a purple light.
  4. Then all the guys turn into supernatural beings. Ben turns into an angel, but with black wings. Chris turns to a werewolf, and Seth turns into a black imp.
  5. Woah, you say. But what do I have to do with this? Well, Seth says, you have powers too.
  6. The most powerful powers anyone knows of. Chris says. Wow, you say. I had no idea… No one does, until we tell them. Seth says
  7. Well what can I do? You ask. We don't know yet ____. That is why you have to go through training with each of us. Ben says. I'll be taking you first! Chris pipes in.
  8. And before we have dinner, we have to tell you something about who wants your powers. Ben says. Chris and Seth give Ben a horrified look. Ozime. Chris says and looks down in disgust. Seth, was already looking at his shoes. He wants your powers. Ben says. He wants them so he can wipe out his enemies. Humans. He thinks they are a waste of space. If they don't have powers, they don't have purpose. That's what Ozime thinks. He wants to rule the world of supernatural beings. And keep humans out. So, he thinks the solution is to wipe out humans. We think this is wrong, so we were banished from the home of supernatural beings. A castle with an invisible forcefeild. Besides being invisible, the forcefeild also makes the castle invisible. So no human sees it. He wants to take your powers from you. Because with your powers, he could finish the humans. Fez and Kent were going to bring you to his castle to get you on his side. But we are trying to get you yo help us. To keep humans alive. We want you to fight against Ozime, and kill him.
  9. I can't do that though! You say. You start to cry. You want the guys yo come and concert you, but they just stare at the ground, solomly. You start to cry more, and Ben slowly gets up to hug you. You melt into his arms, as if it will make the pain go away. The guys turn back from their magical forms. Seth and Chris walk over. They squat on either side of the bed, telling you it's ok, they understand, or they will help you through. No! You yell. You don't understand and no one does! You say you understand but you don't! You don't have to kill a human hating demon! You pull from the hug, bury your face in your pillow, and continue to cry.
  10. Seth tries to hug you. DON'T TOUCH ME! You scream. Seth pulls back, hurt. You cry and cry. Then you hear the door close. The guys left. You sit up, back to your tearstained pillow, and cry for an hour more. Then, you wipe away the tears, and stand up. You don't feel dizzy any more. You walk into a bathroom with the door propped open. You go in and fix yourself up. Hair, makeup, and clothes. Then you go downstairs. You walk along a hallway to find yourself in a dining room.
  11. A beautiful dinner is set up. It has all your favorite foods laid out. ___, we're sorry. Seth says. Ben and Chris nod their heads in agreement. It's ok. You say, with an apologetic smile. You feel you should be apologizing for pushing them away. You sit down and begin to fill your plate. You eat a lot and talk about funny stories and tell jokes with the guys. After dinner you watch your favorite movie. Then you all go upstairs. They all ask for a kiss goodnight like little children and so you kiss their cheeks. They do the same. Then you all split for your rooms. You get in your pajamas and climb into bed.
  12. You get into bed and turn off the light. It's 11:24 pm and your exhausted.
  13. As your about to drift off, your door opens. It's Chris. Whey you say tiredly. Well, ____ I wanted to tell you something. Mmhm? You say while rubbing your eye. Well, I just wanted to tell you… he trailers off. I wanted to tell you I…
  14. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! Sorry guys I had to do it. Don't feel so bad. What he has to say isn't really important anyway.
  15. So…… who do you like?

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