Different Part 2

Here is part 2 everyone if you loved/liked the last one then here is part 2.

I have nothing to say for this second paragraph.......................................................................................................

Created by: stained

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  1. RECAP: Ok so you find spot your pitbull in the kitchen (there was supposed to be a link in the last quiz to see what he looked like but it didnt work) and you here a knock at the door who do you think it is
  2. You open the door and see no one -those little runts- you think knowing that it was the kids from down the street you sigh and sit down on the couch and watch a move called Cowboys And Aliens (its a real movie and i have it and its AWESOME) after about two or so hours the movie finishes and spot jumps onto your stomach since you were lieing down on the couch when you were watching it and since spot is so big he knocks the wind out of you and you cough "spot becarefull next time" you say you sigh as you hear another knock and you hope it inst those runts from down the street who do you really hope it is
  3. You open it and you see that its Alex you slightly smile "what may i help you with" you ask "well can i come in" Alex asks you nod and let him in and Spot barks and growls at Alex because Spot is overly protective "Calm down spot its just a friend" you say Spot slightly calms down but he is still alert as Alex comes in you close the door you lead him into the living room and you both sit on the couch "so... what brings you here" you say "well its a long story for another day" Alex says you look slightly confused but you shrug it off
  4. Alex then leans into kiss you but Spot jumps inbetween the both of you barking wildly at Alex you sigh and pet Spots head "calm down Spot" you say but Spot still barks wildly at Alex
  5. Alex looks at spot "well I better be going Crystal" Alex says you nod "alright then well by" you say as Alex leaves you look at Spot "what is wrong with you boy you have been acting strange lately" you say then you hear a voice "well its not my fault i started senseing something wrong with Alex" the voice says you jump startled and you rub your head "well thats it im insane" you mutter "your not insane" the voice says again you shake your head and go to bed seeing that its twelve midnight who do you dream about
  6. At around three in the morning your alarm goes off randomly and you start pressing the off button on it but it doesnt work so you stand and unplug the alarm and you get back in bed but you hear the voice again "you cant go asleep right now" the voice says and you jolt up sighing and then you get a text from an unknown person that says "listen to the voice he is right" you sigh and do as the text says even though you dont want to and you take a quick shower and throw on whatever you want with any pair of converses (like i said im obsessed with converses LOL) "ok now go downstairs and fix me a bowl of kibble" the voice -yep im going insane- you think "ok" you say you go downstairs and pour kibble into a dog bowl then you sit down at the kitchen table and you lay your head on the table and start to doze off and when you do you dream about what
  7. "wake up!" you hear the voice say and you jolt awake seeing that spot is next to you then you see its five in the morning on a saturday then you decide to Spot on a walk
  8. About half way down the street you run into jacob again -isnt he supposed to be in the hospital- you think he looks like he has had his whole face redone but it hasnt been "um..." you say and Spot stands in front of you and barks and growls and snarls aggressively at Jacob, jacob has a gun in his pocket -this just went from bad to worse- you think Jacob then shoots Spot in the shoulder and Spot yelps falling onto the ground then you fall onto your knees looking at spot and you start to cry Jacob sees this and he grins widely you then feel inraged and you stand up "why the hell did you do that just because your the most popular kid in the school doesnt mean your the most loved!!!" you yell angrly Jacob then aims the gun at your head but you grab your dagger (a dagger is like a knife except bigger and sharper) "so you brought a knife to a gun fight shrimp" Jacob says "its not a knife and you better leave before something bad happens to you!!" you yell Jacob ignores you then you stab him in the arm causing him to drop the gun the you jerk the dagger out his arm and put it in your pocket you pick up spot and run back to your house when you get there you see Jake "what happened" asks Jake you look shocked as you see Jake "um just a little accident" you say "you ran into Jacob didnt you" Jake asks you slightly nod "well hand me your dog and let me see what i can do" Jake says you hesitate a bit but you give Spot to Jake you let Jake inside and you both walk in then Jake sets Spot down on the counter
  9. Jake gets the bullet out Spots shoulder and stictches up the wound "thanks" you say Jake smiles "no problem" Jake says the doorbell then rings and you answer the door and its Audrey and Trey (if your wondering how i got there names well Audrey is my new aunt she is engaged to my uncle Trey in real) "we heard what happened" Audrey says she gives you a tight hug "squeezing not breathing" you say as you slightly gasp for air Audrey lets go "oh sorry Crystal" Audrey says "anyways your a little to late Jake just fixed Spot up" you say Trey nods "Oh well we hope Spot gets better very soon oh and we got you something" Audrey says you look at Audrey and Trey "what is it" you ask Audrey hands you a box and you open it seeing one of those best frind necklace things the pendant is a heart that is split in two Audrey has the half that says best and you have the half that says friends and the heart pendent color is gold and when you put the two hearts togather it spells out best friends
  10. "well i better be going now Crystal" Audrey and Trey say you nod and they leave you then walk over to spot who is now lieing on his dog bed you look around not seeing Jake so you think that he just slipped out the door when you werent looking but you head to your room and you see Jake looking around in a box that contains stuff from your mom and dad "what the hell are you doing!" you yell Jake looks up and he puts the box up "sorry i didnt know" Jake says "what are you even doing in my room anyways" you say "i was looking for a chew toy for spot" Jake says you sigh "Jake there not in my room there behind the couch and under a desk the is behind the couch" you say Jake nods and walks out your room
  11. when you head downstairs Jake is gone you see its only eleven in the mornind so you sit down on your recliner and recline it (or whatever) and you fall alseep then you wake hearing a loud knock on your door which sounds much like Jacobs knock but your not sure yet
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry but I you will have to wait till part 3 because I am going to start working on the boy version right now i promise to make part 3 tomorrow though when i get the chance Ok so who do you like so far

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