Magic Love part 4

I decide not to make this long anymore.It took a long time because i needed a break.It not might be good but At lease Im done with it.Part five will be out in a couple of weeks.

Please do not say things like I don't like this quiz in the comments.I hope you enjoy this quiz alittle bit.It think part 5 will be out on febauary 2oth.

Created by: Sheng
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  1. So we were at you see something in the bushes and it is....... a cat!You see his coller and the cat lives at the same street as you!(When you used to live with your parents.)
  2. So you call your mom and she will pick up the cat and find his home.You went to school.
  3. After school you go to your bedroom and find all of the guys and a new one.Cody intraduces the new guy as Nathen and he is a wizard.Then Max said"We need to tell you a secret,Sea Demons want to kidnap all the mermaids so they can take over.Molly and Anna are mermaids too."
  4. In the morning you go to school and come home and do normal things and you go to bed at 2:00 am you hear a crash.
  5. You get out of bed and get ready and you attack him!You find out that it is Caleb.He said he wanted ice cream so bad that he sneeked out and bought ice cream and he ate it then he accententaly dropped it.
  6. So you both went back to bed.The next morning you called your mom and asked about the cat and she siad she found his owner.
  7. So later in the afternoon Caleb formed a meeting and said "We need to tell you a secret,you must choose one of us to become your boyfriend and that you are a mermaid princess.
  8. You.............
  9. The next morning you got to school and suddenly you feel really weird.A person passed you and you feel even more weird.
  10. It is..........CLIFFHANGER!

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