Are YOU a ture witch/wizard?

There is much magic on earth, it is pretty much everywhere but you just don't know it. I and much more want to spread the magic whichs happens and then walla kapresto it came To me

If you are a beliver take this quiz and it will tell you if you do or not so beware. My quiz is about Harry Potter because I love what they have done to inspire someone.

Created by: Callie
  1. Just testing your brains for the first four. What is the colour of the Slytherien snake?
  2. What Colours is the Badger?
  3. What colour is the raven?
  4. Last warm up. What colour is the lion?
  5. Right! What did Horace say the name of the three broomstick was?
  6. How did Harry feel after drinking the liquid luck?
  7. How did Snape die?
  8. Who became the herbolegy teacher?
  9. Who was the drunk potion teacher?
  10. What did Dumbledore say when the troll was let in?

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Quiz topic: Am I a ture witch/wizard?