Tonight Tonight Part 5

READ PARAGRAPH 2 IT HAS STUFF ABOUT MY CONTEST! So yeah I'm gonna have a contest and paragragh two will tell you all about it! This part is about your date it took me sooo long to write this one, sorry it was out late, I had midterms!

So I'm having a contest! You have to geuss my age, and if you get it right, you get to help me right one of the quizes, but you don't get to choose the boyfriend! RULES: You can only geuss once! If you geuss more than once, then you get disqualified! Even if you have the right answer, if you have an answer, then you post it, and someone already posted the same answer, then you CAN change it, but only once! And you have to geuss exactly to win! I will give you until part 10 is up, but when part 11 is out, CONTEST OVER! If you have any questions, ask me in the comments!

Created by: Samantha2332
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  1. Recap: You walked outside on your way to the date, when you see.....
  2. You see a brand new, lime green (or yellow, your pick of color) with black stripes... CAMARO! You shreik with excitement at the site of your favorite car. "Oh my God, Jake, did you rent this?" you yelled happily. "No, just get in and you'll see!" Jake replied with a smirk on his face. You scrambled into the passenger seat looking around to see if there be a clue as to what Jake was talking about. You spotted a note that said to Samantha. You quickly picked it up. It read: Dear Samantha, I hope you like your new car, I hope it's not too much, but I feel like your gonna be a very important person in my life. I hope you are looking forward to our date, because I know I am. If you don't like what we are doing today just tell me, I have plenty of back up plans. - Love Drew
  3. "W-w-w-w-wait, this is my car?" you stuttered. Jake slowly nodded as you pulled into the cafe parking lot. Drew was standing there waiting for you "Bye sis, have fun," Jake said while putting the car in reverse. "Hey Jake, put the car in park for a second!" you said while putting your hand on the emergancy break. Jake put the car in park, right when you pulled the break and pulled the key out of the ignition. You quickly jumped out of the car and closed the door behind you admiringly. "Hey, what the heck!" Jake called after you. "Sorry my car not yours!" you shouted, not looking away from Drew and the dozen roses that he was holding!
  4. "Hey, so what are we going to do this lovely evening?" you asked with a smile on your face. He said nothing, but dragged you into the cafe with a devilish smile on his face. You looked up, only to see a huge banner that said KAREOKE! "K-k-k-kareoke?!?!" you asked with a terrified expression on your face. "Yeah, your brother told me you loved to sing, so I thought I'd bring you here," he said with the same evil smile that was on his face not even a minute ago. "Yeah, I like to sing in the car, or in the shower, or when I'm dancing around on my bed, but not in a public place, surounded by people I really don't know!" "Well that's too bad cause I signed you up yesterday!" as soon as he said that, the anouncer person went up to the stage and said, "Okay so it's time for our next singer of the night, Samantha LaFleur!" And with that, Drew's smirk grew bigger and wider.
  5. You glared at Drew as he pushed ya'lls way the front. You didn't know what song you were going to sing until Carter walked in! You told the d.j your song, and walked up onto the stage! The song started to play and you sang like a bird... "It's been a really really messed up week, seven days of torture seven days of bitter and my boyfriend went cheated on me, he's a California dime but it's time for me to quite him. Lalala whatever, lalala it doesn't matter, lalala oh well, lalala!" You kept singing, but you couldn't help but stare coldly into Carter's eyes, this him, and everyone els noticed! (lolz) "Just don't stop letS keep the beat pumpin, keep the beet up, let's drop the beat down, it's my party dance if I want to we can get crazy let it all out!" the song ended, and your stare broke away from Carter's. The croud was cheering and yelling the word, encore! The d.j looked at you and told you to do one more and to tell him another song, so then you sang another song that you thought would hurt Carter's feelings, after you sang We Coulda Had It All by Adelle, you grabbed Drew's hand and ran to your car, seeing the anger in Carter's eyes! You drove like a bat out of hell back to your hotel. When you got back, on the way up to you room, you heard someone say, "What the hell!" you turned around to see...
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  9. So I'm having a contest to see who can geuss my age. If no one geusses my age, I will keep the prize, but if someone geusses my presise age, the first person to do so will get the prize! So geuss in the comments, and if I don't get at least 7 comments, not for the contest, I'm going to temperarily stop the quiz! Btw you can only geuss once! If you geuss more than once, your disqualified, even if you have the right answer!
  10. Bye, and I have to have 7 different people comment, any suggestions I have writers block!

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