Tonight Tonight Part 3

This is my favorite one so far and it has my favorite guys! I love sexy nerds! Ok so this one is only like 8 questions long but I feel like there is a lot of text!

HERE ARE THE GUYS DESCRIPTIONS- Carson→← red curly hair hazel eyes your height and cheated on you! Drake→← black hair hazel eyes a few inches taller than you and would never hurt you! Drew→← brown Justin Beiberish type hair brown eyes with VERY sexy glasses very tall is VERY excited for your date Justin→← looks exactly like Drew but wears contacts not glasses VERY jelous of your date with his brother!

Created by: Samantha2332
  1. Recap- So you were running and you ran into...
  2. You looked closely at the boy and realised something...."Twins! Your twins, I can't beleive I couldn't figure that out!" you basicaly shouted. "Yeah, haven't you ever seen twins before!" said the guy without the glasses. "Yes... my brother and sister are twins." you said offensed. "I'm sorry for my younger brother... are you okay, your crying?" you blushed, you had forgotten that you were crying, and you didn't like to let boys see you cry, you know, because almost all boys are humongous jerks, just like Carter! "I'm fine, it's nothing! I'll just be on my way then! Bye!" you said scampering away.
  3. Your desperately searching for Drake and/or your brother! Tears fill your eyes once more and you run into yet another person! "Oh $hi+ I'm so sorry, here let me help you up!" he says in a rush. He looks deep into your eyes and seems less in a hurry. "Are you ok?" he says in a soft voice. You couldn't say anything because you were mesmirized by his shining grey eyes and your hands behind his head in his soft jet black hair as he pulled you up. "So... umm do you have a boyfriend?"
  4. Whatever you chose you juust say no(srry if that's not your choice but that's the cold hard truth) He smiles at that. "Ok, well I'm Brad, and if you ever need anyone to cheer you up, at any hour, call me!" he said while dropping a small piece of paper down the front of your shirt! You QUIKLY slap his hand away and yell, "PERV!" you run away, crying, AGAIN and can't help but to think about the twins! You see them in that little cafe that you were at a couple of hours ago! You walk inside and the one with glasses comes over to you and says, "Hey, I didn't get to introduce myself to you a little while ago! I'm Drew, and that's my brother Justin over there! So what's your name?"' and you could swear that he just said, "And will you go on a date with me?" In all of the rush you said, "Yes, and I'm Samantha." "Yesss. Meet me here tommarow at 6:00?" you bit your lip and just nodded your head yes!
  5. You walked back to the hotel, it was late, like 10:00 when you got there. You walked past the empty front desk and Carter sleeping on the couch and you go into your room. There you see Drake, Shelby, Jake and your mom, sitting on the bed with a box of feathers, some hunny a string, some really grose smelling shaving cream, and a bucket of warm water! "What are ya'll doing?" you asked, although you already knew the answer to that question. "Well now that you asked... we're gonna tie a string around Carters hand thats attached to this box of feathers and hunny, we are going to put anchovi shaving cream on his nose and tickle it with a feather, when he goes to itch it, it will activate the hunny witch will activate the feathers! Now the only way the owner said we can do this is if we give him a video tape of us doing this and washing him off with a bucket of warm water and leaving him to dry!" explained Shelby. After she said that you all started laughing. And then headed downstairs!
  6. You tied the string to Carter's hand and put the box over a low pole,with the hunny. You took out one feather as Shelby placed the shaving cream above Carter's nose as I focused my feather and the boys readied the water! 123 Shelby squeezed out a ton of shaving cream and you tickled his nose! He itched it and hunny came drizzling down all over him followed by a storm of colored feathers! "HIT IT BOYS!" you and Shelby screamed. They lifted the tub of water and poured it, drenching him from head to toe! He jumped up, hit his headd on the pole, then sat back down. "That'll teach you to hurt my little sister!" Shelby and Jake scrame simultaniously! "And cut! Well that's not goin on Youtube!" cackled your mother! Then you all started bustin out laughing!
  7. Ok so I know it's onnly 8 questions long but I feel like I had a lot of text to make up for it! I'll try and make Part 4 vvery very long and I'll write it ahead of time to make sure it's longer instead of making it up as I go
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