Surviving Middle School

What do you think will happen to me? (Alyssa) Do you think I have a chance with Spencer? Do you think Sam and Jennifer will last long? Who's you're favorite character so far?

Thank you again for reading my story. I will be posting the second part either tonight or tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment and feel free to criticize :)

Created by: Alyssa185

  1. Hey guys! So I'm writing a story. "Surviving Middle School." It's partly my own experiences but most of it is made up :) I hope you guys enjoy it!! This is the first part. Please comment after you're done!
  2. I walked to my new science class. It was the same teacher and the same science class but a different period, which meant new classmates. I was going to be the only new kid in that class so I was nervous. Not knowing where i was gonna sit or who is going to be in my group. Well, at least one of my best friends was in my class. Sam. He has blondish brownish hair with brown eyes. He is short as other people say. Although I personally think he's medium for his age. Unlike what I thought people would do in 8th grade, they don't make fun of him for his height. Actually, no one really gets made fun of. Well, people still gossip but they don't bully anyone. So I guess middle school isn't as bad as it sounds.
  3. There's no reason to be worried. But yet, I am. It's a feeling I can't really describe. Happiness that I finally got out of that class and specially that group with those popular kids. I'm not saying their mean, but when I try to talk to them they seem to look down at me. I know they are the rich, popular people but that doesn't make them any higher. Well anyway. When I walked into that science class, my happiness was quickly replaced by fear.
  4. There had always been this popular kid who was famous ONLY because he is rich. He has a elevator in his house. Yes, an actual ELEVATOR. His name is Jack. And once again, he gave me one more reason to hate him even more. When I walked in class, he started making fun of me. Well, not the typical "Ooh, look at her. She's ugly" making fun of but he started saying stuff about how I will not fit in and how I'm a foreigner. Well obviously, I really don't care about what these people think. After a while, I just got used to it. Let me give you a few words of wisdom: when you get into middle school, don't worry about what people think about you because you can't keep everyone happy.
  5. So when I walked in class, I went to my teacher to inform him about my schedule change. And by the way, I didn't drop any of my Honor classes; in fact, I got transferred into History Honors. Now I am officially an all honor student. Or as Josh would call it: an Asian. Well, I guess that is practically true because I AM geographically Asian. Anyway, my science teacher, Mr.Smith, assigned my sit in the middle row almost in the front. I guess my seat wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. I was sitting in front of Matt,the 1st chair Violin Player in the school orchestra. How I know it? Well, I am 2nd chair Cello in the orchestra. Yes, i know. It's lame and certainly not a popular kid thing. So as you might have realized by now, I am not popular. I'm not a loner either. I have my group of friends and I guess a lot of people know me but still the definition of "popular "in middle school is different.
  6. I really don't know the person on my right or my left. I just know the person on my right is a girl from my dance class. I have never talked to her and I don't really know her but her name is Jessica . Now, when I look at the person on my left, I see a dirty blond haired boy with perfect blue eyes sitting next to me. I haven't seen him around at all. He smiles at me when I look at him as if saying hi or just simply not being rude. I honestly don't know anymore these days. I see his name on his notebook reading Spencer. NIce Name. For some very unknown reason, I have always been attracted to that name. I know it's stupid but every time I see a guy named Spencer I automatically go "hot". Well this Spencer IS actually really cute. But it's my first day seeing him so I guess it's just one of those moments you think someone is hot and then you totally forget about them.
  7. Mr.Smith is definitely THE most strict teacher I have ever had. And now that we're in the 3rd quarter I have realized that he has the hardest tests for sure. To be honest, I am kind of scared of him. I mean he's a nice person and all but there is something intimidating about him. Thankfully, I didn't have to listen to him that day because it was a work day. Basically on work days, he gives a couple of hard questions which we would have to work on in class. And by hard I mean really hard which would take at least 10 minutes each.. So when I started working on them, Sam came bringing his chair in between me and Spencer and basically pretending to work. Sam is a really funny guy and he always brightens up my day no matter how s---ty things are. He is a typical best friend who could always make your day. He is also dating one of my really good friends, Jennifer. They are a really cute couple they are both really funny. She is also in this new science class but she sits on the other side of the class.
  8. "Hey Spencer, this is Alyssa. Alyssa, this is Spencer," said Sam. So Sam is friends with this hot guy. I was happy to be honest. I really wanted to talk to Spencer because he looked really cool and he was hot. "Hey Alyssa!" said Spencer while looking at me with those blue eyes. Okay yes, blue eyes are my weakness. "Hi Spencer!" I responded as I smiled a little bit. While inside I had butterflies in my stomach. I know it's stupid to like someone when you don't even know them, but it was happening and I couldn't control it. "Okay guys, I'm gonna go work with Jennifer. She was mad at me yesterday for not working on these with her." Said Sam as he left us to Jennifer. Actually, I was kind of happy that now I could talk to Spencer alone and get to know him, but I didn't know what to talk about. Well thankfully he opened up the conversation and saved me from the awkwardness.
  9. "So you know Sam?" said Spencer. "Yea. I met him a couple of months ago with Alex. You guys friends?" Alex is another guy in my group of friends. Well by my group I mean my 5 friends who I drink tea at nutrition and talk about random crap during lunch. Yes, we are that cool. "Oh yea. I've known Sam for like 9 years. Since kindergarden. We're best friends. I hang out with him all the time." hmm. Strangely Sam has never talked about Spencer. He has never even mentioned him. "Oh wow, that's a really long time. How did you handle him?" we both started laughing. It was just a joke but we both knew how Sam always made jokes and never actually did his work. Spencer's laugh was really cute. Even cuter than his smile.
  10. "I know right? It's been a rough nine years!" we both laughed again.We kept talking about Sam and Jennifer and just really random topics. I was smiling like an idiot for the rest of the day.
  11. The next few days went basically the same way. I talked to Spencer every day and we had a really good time. Well at least I did. Each day that passed, I liked him even more. He was just my dream boy. He was funny, friendly and really nice. And he has blue eyes and his name is Spencer. I mean come on! He's like the boy I always dreamed of. Well actually no. I always dream of Adam Levine because he's my favorite singer. But he is a man so I guess Spencer is the boy I always dreamed of. Oh and guess what? Sam told me Spencer sings!! Something else we have in common. Let me tell you a little about my self. I play the Piano, Cello, Flute and the Guitar. And I sometimes sing. I've been playing Piano and Flute for over 9 years, Cello for 2 and I've started guitar recently. So far Piano and Guitar are my favorites. Well anyway, Spencer plays the piano too. And I've heard he's pretty good.
  12. Okay, yes. I like Spencer. I know it's stupid and there's no point in liking a guy in middle school after knowing him only for 2 weeks. But I can't control my feelings. That is bad, I know. Well I'm sure Spencer likes someone else. Even if he doesn't, I'm sure there are tons of girls in our school secretly crushing on him. Considering we have around 700 students in our school.
  13. So I couldn't keep this to myself so I told my friends. Well everyone in my group except Sam. I know it's not good to keep a secret from only one friend but he's Spencer's best friend so if I tell him he might tell Spencer. That would be way too weird and I still want to talk to him everyday and stare at his beautiful blue eyes. So Savannah, my very first friend in this school who introduced me to this group, was really supportive. She didn't really know him but when I showed her who he is, she agreed with me that he is really hot. Alex actually knew him. He started laughing first but then said we do make a cute couple. Although, he said that Spencer is way too dorky and weird but I'm weird and dorky too so I guess we do match. Marissa and Jennifer were supportive too. They thought Spencer and I look cute together. Jennifer also agreed not to tell Sam about this. But the secret wasn't safe for long.
  14. CLIFFHANGEER! okay guys this is for part 1. I know it's not as exciting yet, but I had to introduce everyone first. So yea. PLEASE KEEP READING THO :) it will mean the world. and feel free to leave a comment. THANK YOU SO MUCH

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