Spencer Reid Story (Criminal Minds) Part 2

Part 2 to the epic series of Spencer Reid! Yeah, That's all I've got.

Created by: ahoffman919

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  1. Okay, this has no effect, what did you get last time?
  2. Alright lets start it up again!
  3. Spencer's POV: I hung up with the local PD and turned my attention back to Y/N. The bleeding had stopped but she was still unconscious. The UNSUB's had escaped on the fire escape and some of my neighbor's were following them. I couldn't imagine why Y/N would be their next target, I mean the profile of the UNSUB's does not match Y/N. She is the complete oppisite of who they attack but now is not the time to think of this. The responders arrive and start to work with Y/N. I decided I would call Hotch to tell him they struck again, but before I could dial him, he was already ringing me "Reid, we have another vitcim and I need you to-" "I know Hotch, it was in my building and I was one of the first to help her." "Does she match the description?" This angered me the slightest because he never even bothered to ask if she was okay "No she doesn't. Listen, I am going to meet her at the hospital and question her." Before he can say anything, I hung up. This is going to be a long night.
  4. A Doctor's POV: "Nurse, I need some latex gloves and the concussion kit, it looks like be may have suffered very small damage but we can't be sure if she has one or not." "Yes Dr. Hoffman." A new patient has just arrived with a blow to the back of the head which caused some bleeding, small bruises around her waist, most likely when she fought back to escape, and a dark bruise on her face. A young man called her in and now he is he, asking many questions to the nurse. Most likely her boyfriend or something. I walk over to him and say "Sir, you are going to need to calm down. She is about to have some tests done and she will be fine. Now are you her boyfriend or a family member?" The man just stares at me and explains his story of how he is a neighbor and such but he says he has to questions to ask her "Now Mr. Reid-" "Dr. It's Dr. Reid." "My apologizes, Dr. Reid, but I have to do my questions then you will be able to question her." He nods "That's understandable, but I may I visit her for a moment?" "Of course, follow me."
  5. Your POV: I wake up to a white room and the world's most annoying beeping noise. I realize I am in a hospital but I couldn't remember why until it hit me. I saw a remote and turned on the television to see a new Saturday Night Live was on. I didn't realize it was this late but I still watched it, knowing I would have to be questioned sooner or later. After about 30 minutes, a older doctor came in with my neighbor from earlier, guess he's the only one still around. "Ms. Y/L/N, I-" "Actually Doctor, it's Dr. Y/L/N. I received my degree about two months ago." My neighbors eyes went wide and the doctor laughed "Your the second person to do that to be within ten minutes." I couldn't help but smile at the fact I'm not the only one who does that. "Now, Dr. Reid asked to speak with you for a minute and afterwords, I'll come in and ask you some questions." "Okay, thank you doctor." He left the room leaving me and Spencer alone
  6. "I was worried about you Y/N." Spencer said while walking over to me "You have no reason to, we're just neighbors." "I know but when you see someone needing help.." He dragged off "I understand." As I said that the doctor walked back in and asked Spencer to leave. He gave me a small smile and walked out the door. "Alright Y/N, first question. How you been sexually active?"
  7. "Alright, do you feel any pain in your head?"
  8. "Do you feel worthless at the moment? Do you feel as if all of this is your fault?"
  9. "Alright, last question. Do you feel that these men are coming back for you?"
  10. "Alright, thank you Dr. Y/L/N. I will go talk to Dr. Reid and give him your report. I'll have him come back in soon." And with that the doctor left the room. Well, may as watch Saturday Night Live until this is done. Spencer's POV: As soon as I left the room, I got a call from Hotch. "Reid, the next time you hang up on me I'll-" "Sorry Hotch but I had to make sure Y/N was okay." "Reid's got a crush! Reid's got a crush!" I heard Morgan, Garcia, and JJ chant in the background "I figure I am on speaker phone?" I say "Yeah lover-boy. At least tell me she is pretty." "Yeah Reid, give us something to work with!" "I could look her up on the FBI files." "You should do that, I need to make sure she's good for Spence." "I at least need an idea of what she looks like." Rossi chimes in while everyone else was going insane. "GUYS! She's just a neighbor of mine and-" "Oh my god Reid, she's beautiful!" Garcia suddenly says "She's a nice piece there Reid." "Okay guys enough, I have to get a report from the doctor anyway." I say as I see the doctor turn around the corner "Alright, oh and Reid" Hotch says as I am about to hang up "You have to watch her for the next few days to make sure she is okay, we don't want her to end up like the other one." "Okay Hotch." I hang up and talk to Dr. Hoffman. He gives me my report and I walk back to Y/N's room.
  11. And that's the end for now! Another part of the story is in your results depending on your answers!

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