The Bonds of Love Part 3

Wow Part 3 already? I can't believe it! You guys are awesome! Whoo! Let's forget that part. Ahem *clears throat* Alleria would like to thank DCgirl and LovelyTeenWriter for the inspirational comments. Part 4 coming soon :) Remember if you want me to take a look at your quiz, I'm very happy to do so. I'll comment on it too. :) Albino Ninja!

CONTEST!! So I decided to make a contest for who Katia should end up with: Reid or Tyler? (Caleb has Sarah and Pogue has Kate, who you will meet in part 4). Please comment on your choice and maybe explain why. Or if not, choose a song to play during part 4. (michievous grin).

Created by: Alleria
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  1. Recap: I turned, with my head held high, walked out of the restroom with my new accepted self.
  2. The next few weeks were really hard for me, add my face to my hearing aids, I was now the weird freak in school. People stared at my face, even took pictures of it. I tried not to show them they were getting to me. Why was I so weak? A few days eariler, Bree had to transfer to our other high school. She talked/texted me every chance she got, telling me that I was my own person, and not to let anybody bring me down, and to let the boys help me. Caleb, Reid, Pogue, and Tyler were the only ones who would talk to me besides the teachers. Reid got into a lot of trouble because he kept punching people in the face every time they talked trash about me. On a Tuesday, I was talking to them at lunch when I hear a commotion. Girls were laughing and squealing. I rolled my eyes. "Looks like we have a new student," Caleb mumbled, glancing at someone. I heard someone walking behind me, then lean against our table. "Hey, Katia," a voice said. I knew that voice. Oh, crap. Not him. I looked up, seeing Jakson Greens standing there, arms crossed over his chest, smiling at me. He was a popular guy and also the star quarterback of the school. Apparently, he moved but I guess he's back now. He had short blond hair and green eyes. I forced a smile. "Hi, Jakson..." He glanced at Caleb, Reid, Pogue and Tyler, and wrinkled his nose a little like he couldn't believe they were sitting with me. He stared at my face for a really long time. He introduced himself to them, and vise versa. Jakson leaned towards me, said," Are you going to go to the party? At Summer's?" I forced another smile. "Sure." He smiled again, then kissed my forehead. I heard 'ew-s' and groans. He said bye and left.
  3. I turned back to the boys who were looking at me. "We met at a party one time," I explained. "But he's not my boyfriend." They "oh-ed" and nodded. I resumed helping Tyler with his work, pointing out the things he needed to shade or darken. He was a great drawer;he drew people very realisticaly. He just need help with the shading and stuff like that. Next week, you had to draw somebody that you knew. I asked if I could draw them, they said, "Yes." I was happy. I still had no clue who Tyler was going to draw though. Friday passed, and Monday came. I turned in my drawing of The Sons. Ms. Dye lterally gaped at it. The best drawings were going to be posted on a wall outside in The Commons. I still hadn't seen Tyler's drawing. I figured he maybe drew one of his best friends or girlfriend or a family relative. At lunch, I saw all the drawings were up, so I walked over to them, withe Sons behind me.
  4. I saw my drawing in the middle of them all. "Wow, you did a really awesome job," Caleb said, smiling at me."You really got every detail of us." I blushed. "Thanks," I said, quietly. I looked at the other drawings. I saw a dog, a owl,a... vampire? Alright, then. A fish, Morgan Freeman... me. I looked closer. Yup, it was definately me. Unlike the others,which were black and used with pencil, this one was colored fully. It was me, with the burns on my face, but barely. You really couldn't see them but they were faint. My eyes shone out, light in them... I looked happy. I couldn't really remember the last time I looked like that. My lips were curled in a hint of a small smile, my hair flowing around my face. I looked... beautiful. I looked down at the corner and read the name: TYLER SIMMS.
  5. I turned around. Tyler was looking at me, giving me a smile. I laughed gently. "You did that?" I asked in awe. He nodded. "Yeah." " really didn't need help at all?" Tyler shook his head. "Nope." "Thank you," I said. I wanted to hug him but I'm sure that it would be weird so I just kept smiling, then stopped. After school was over, I walked back to my aparment. I live alone, since my parents died in a car crash a while back. Mrs. Rarsa was a nice land-lady. As long as I paid the bills and rent, I was allowed to live in the apartment. I walked in, closed the door, and collasped on top of my bed.
  6. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I was standing in a room, in what looked to be a basement with stone walls, with bookcases shoved against the walls. In the dead center laid was a circle of wood emboired with stones. Suddenly, it erupted into flames. I jumped. I turned, and saw a boy with short cropped almost shaven black hair. He looked to be around the Sons' age and height. He had dark brown eyes. He smirked at me. I stared at him, then smelled something burning. I realized it was me. I was on fire. I screamed trying to swat the flames out. Then it all went black. I realized there was a knock on the door. I sighed to myself, smoothed back my hair, and went to open it. I looked out, no one was there. Huh. I closed the door. I began thinking. I got an idea. I grabbed my shoes, and my stupid pink sparkly jacket. Once I got outside, it was pouring rain, thundering and lightning. I was going to have to walk but I didn't care. I knew it was dangerous, but I just... I don't know.
  7. I arrived at the house at midnight. I'm kinda amazed I didn't get struck by lightning on the way. It was a old colony house. I walked up the porch and knocked on the door. I heard a woman's voice saying," Who would that be? Honey, would you get that?" The door opened, and Caleb stood there. He looked surprised. "Katia? What are doing here? Did you walk all the way up here? Come inside, quick." Caleb stepped aside, as I walked in. "What are you doing here, Katia? Mother, get a towel!" "No...," I protested. If I was right about him, about all of them. He could do what I asked. He crossed his arms over his chest. "Katia?" "Can you fix it?" I asked. "My face?" "What do you mean?" he asked. "Don't lie to me. I know who you guys are!" "And what might that be?"he asked,no expression on his face. "You're The Covenant."
  8. DUN-DUN-DUN! Yup, cliffhanger!
  9. As always, shout-outs are above. Thanks for reading and I appreicate it. Should I continue?
  10. Bye for now! :) Next part will be in Caleb's Point of View!
  11. Interesting fact: I write all my dreams down so that's how I remember them. Then they pick up where I left off. Like today, I dreamt I was riding a giant wolf that transformed into that guy--Warren Peace-- from that old Sky High movie. I know, weird dream huh? Then again all my dreams are weird. I have a huge imagination (lol) Are your dreams normal?

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