The Bonds of Love:Behind The Scenes

35 things you probably didn't know about The Bonds of Love series! A behind the scenes look at the cast, production, and the filming (lol)! Secrets spilled, favorite things the cast likes! Deleted scenes, goofs, awkward moments, soundtrack and more!

THE BONDS OF LOVE (2013) starring Katia Jiners, Caleb Danvers, Reid Garwin,Tyler Simms Pogue Parry, Kate Tunney, Sarah Wenham, Chase Collins, and Sami Tabor. Special guest stars: Bree, and Rebecca. Rated PG-13. THE BONDS OF LOVE BEHIND THE SCENES THE BONDS OF LOVE BEHIND THE SCENES THE BONDS OF LOVE BEHIND THE SCENES THE BONDS OF LOVE BEHIND THE SCENES

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  1. In the series, Caleb, Reid, Pogue, Tyler, Kate and Sarah are high school seniors. In the movie however they are college students in thier last year of Spenser Academy; Sarah is a transfer student from Boston Public.
  2. KATIA JINERS is actually her discription in real life. She wears actual hearing aids. She likes to read, draw, and write. The only thing the series does not portray are her glasses which she wears full time.
  3. In the series, Reid tells Katia that Sebastian Stan played Chase in the movie. This is true. Reid is played by Toby Hemingway, Tyler by Chace Crawford, Caleb by Steven Strait, Pogue by Taylor Kitsch, Evelyn Danvers (Caleb's mom) by Wendy Crewson, Sarah Wenham by Laura Ramsey, and Kate Tunney by Jessica Lucas .
  4. In Part 10, the finale, when TYLER asks REID if he has a mood swing, Reid replies, "Harry Potter can kiss my a**". This is a real line from the movie.
  5. KATIA and REID had to take kissing rehearsals during breaks because it was Katia's first time kissing. Reid admitted he enjoyed it and didn't mind.
  6. Justin Beiber wanted to play Reid but the cast and director (pretty much everyone) turned him down because of his girlish voice. He later appeared,several times during filming, drunk, high on weed, and threatening to kill the cast and the director. This resulted in 3 years in jail.
  7. "I thought Katia was a bit weird at first, but I've come to like her. Despite what anybody thinks, I actually love her," Reid Garwin on his relationship with Katia Jiners.
  8. In the original script, Katia found out about The Covenant by the girl breaking her arm (by shoving her into the wall) and Reid Using to fix her arm.
  9. When asked on songs to describe his co-stars, Reid Garwin picked the following: "For Katia, I would pick 'The Reason' by Hoobastank, Caleb and Sarah... 'My Immortal' by Evanescence, Pogue and Kate... 'Stronger' by Kelly Clarkson or 'See You Again' by Carrie Underwood... Chase...'The Bird and The Worm' by The Used or 'Drowning' by Stereophonics."
  10. Tyler Simms said his "most favorite scene to shoot was 'The Date'." Caleb Danvers said his "was when 'we kicked Chase's butt.'" Reid Garwin said: "The scene where Katia tells me more about herself." Pogue Parry said: "That moment when Kate made a fool out of herself." Chase said: "When I crashed the car at Caleb's Asension."
  11. GOOFS When Katia is talking to Reid about her life, a hair strand is clearly shown on her forehead on the left side. When the scene shoots back to Katia, the hair strand is on the right.
  12. DELETED SCENE (Between Parts 8 and 9) After Reid leaves Katia, he finds Jakson and beats the freakin' crap out of him.
  13. Inspiration for the series were the movies, Death Tunnel(2005), The Craft(1999),and The Covenant(2006). Book inspirations were the Beautiful Creatures series by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia, Dead Beautiful and Life Eternal by Yvonne Woon, Dark Visions trilogy by L.J. Smith, The Heir triliogy by Cinda Williams Chima and Impossible by Nancy Werlin.
  14. Sami, Bree, Rebecca, Mrs. Dye, Mr. Stevens and Mrs. Irvins are all real people and friends of Katia Jiners.
  15. SOUNDTRACK Part 1) "What You Want" ---Evanescence Part 2) "Seven Devils"--- Florence + The Machine Part 3) "We Are" --- Hollywood Undead Part 4) "How Long" --- Kim Jarrett Part 5) "Say You Will" --- Evanescence Part 6) "Decode"--- Paramore Part 7) "Radioactive" ---Imagine Dragons Part 8) "Good Enough" (Instrumental Version)--- Evanescence Part 9) "Crawling" --- Linkin Park Part 10) "The Bird and The Worm"--- The Used, "Drowning"--- Stereophonics, "I Will Not Bow" ---Breaking Benjamin, "Good Enough"--Evanescence
  16. It took 30 tries to get the slow motion scene for Katia mid-air in the barn just right
  17. 8 years later Tyler/Sami, Kate/ Pogue, Reid/Katia, Caleb/Sarah, Bree/James are all happily married.
  18. In the original script during the barn fight, everyone was going to fight Chase by hand,by fists. During that time everyone purposly punched Chase in the face at least one time for real. Due to this, this was taken out, and the final scene was placed in.
  19. "I was pissed off. I should've been with The Covenant, with my brothers. But no. I had to go through this alone by myself; they had each other. I'm the bad guy now. I can't help that they want to kill me because I'm so bad-a**," ---Chase Collins on his co-stars.
  20. Sami's natural hair color is brown, she dyed it black for her role in The Bonds of Love. Next month she is planning to dye it purple.
  21. The part where Reid says,"Dreamcatcher was the s***!" is referred to the book 'Dreamcatcher' by Stephen King, also about 4 young men who have powers.
  22. After a wrap for a day in filming, Katia cooked for everyone as a way of saying they made it through the day.
  23. In the movie, when Caleb is talking to his mom, before the party, you can see Reid(Toby Hemingway) in the background. In a split second, Reid bumps against a stuffed leopard, then awkwardly tries to adjust it.
  24. In Part 9, where Tyler dreams, those images are taken from the movie. Kate's spider scene in the middle. The cliff and Sarah meeting Caleb was in the beginning. Pogue crashing the motorcycle, the fire, Sarah wearing her dress and Caleb's fireball scene were at the end.
  25. In the movie, Sarah is the only one who knows about the Covenant. In the series however, Kate gets told, and Katia figures it out from ironically seeing the movie. So in this case, Kate, Sarah,Sami, and Katia are the only ones part of the Covenant of Silence.
  26. Everyone's favorite movie to watch during breaks was ironically 'The Covenant'.
  27. Ascension/Ascended means the day they turn 18, they've gain full powers. However if you Use a lot after you've Ascended, your body will age with each Use. Partically the reason why Caleb is mad for Reid for Using because Reid is on the brink of Addiction. When he meets Katia, he stopped, only Using unless it was nessescary.
  28. Tyler is the youngest of the group, a year younger, hence the nickname "Baby Boy". He is the last of the group to Ascend.
  29. The dream ended in Part 3. The rest was made up along the way.
  30. To prepare for her role as "Chase", Sami was locked in a dark room with Chase for 3 hours. When Chase came out he declared "it was done". Sami told everyone that Chase "is insane." After preforming her role as "Chase" it creeped everyone out including herself, but not Chase who just smiled through all the takes.
  31. When Tyler wrote down his favorite list of bands to show his co-stars, he spelled one "Evanescene." The correct spelling should be: "Evanescence."
  32. Chase's favorite thing to wear is his long dark trench coat.
  33. Despite the title, "The Covenant" is not a book (I wish it was). Due to this, a comic book was made.

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