The Bonds of Love Part 8

The Bonds of Love Part 8! Wow I can't believe it! Whoot! *Claps hands* SHOUT-OUTS to: JackieHoran, Sskittykat, LovelyTeenWriter,Monkey_Love, and DCgirl. Thanks to all who commented, read this and posted :) You give me inspiration everyday! Oh, and P.s. Sami is a real person and my best friend in real life. :)


Created by: Alleria
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  1. KATIA (P.o.V) I woke up in Reid's arms. For a minute, I wondered how we got like this, when I remembered. He stirred. opening his eyes, seeing me. I smiled. He smiled back pushing his bond hair out of the way. We sat up. Reid got to his feet, taking out his cellphone, placing it on the table. I glanced at him. He looked like to be in deep thought. "Katia...I'm sorry we had to leave. It" "Because of Chase, right?" He whirled around. "How do you---" "I saw the movie. I know you're the Covenant." I told him. He narrowed his eyes. "What movie?" I reached under the bed, sifting through the DVD's until I found it. I showed it to him. He pushed a hand through his messy hair. "Oh, that movie. I've forgotten about that. Can't believe we actually agreed to that. We had to get Sebastian Stan to play Chase. He did a great job. We actually believed he was Chase 'cause he looked and acted like him. A lot."
  2. "Look.. you can't tell anybody else about us. Okay?" he said softly. I nodded. "Who am I gonna tell anyway?No one will believe me. Except for you guys." He looked at me, then sat in front of me, taking my hands in his. Then he kissed me gently, placing a hand on my face. The right side. I could feel something happening, like this breeze hitting my skin. He pulled away, our foreheads touching, his thumbs touching my skin--Skin? I reached up and touched my right side. It was smooth, and soft. "Turn it back..."I whispered. Our eyes met, and I saw his iris's go black. They were nothing but two black orbs looking at me. I felt another breeze against my face then felt the emptiness again. His eyes receded back to his blue color. He gave this sort of sad look, then sighed. I knew he was trying to help, to give me the thing I desperately wanted, but I've gotten used to this other side of me. And it would be selfish to take it. I couldn't let him age. It would be wrong. I put my arms around him. For a few minutes, we held each other until... Rudy came and interrupted us. We laughed then both stratched his ears. I got up and opened the window, to let him out. He purred that broken purr. I turned and saw Reid standing behind me. "Katia..."he began. I put my hands on my hips. "Caleb said you're a womanizer." He looked at me. "He said that?" I nodded. He gave a little chuckle and a scoff. He ran his hands through his hair, ripping off the black beanie on his head.
  3. Did I make him mad? "Yes. I flirted with a lot of girls. But to be honest, I didn't give a s*** about any of them until I met you. You're different from all of them..." he spoke stepping closer. He was right in front of me. I looked into his eyes, waiting for his pupils to diliate, or wander away to the right but he never did. He was telling the truth. "I didn't care about anybody, except for you. I couldn't sleep after I met you. When you were talking about your life...I felt like I could relate to what you were talkin' about. I love you Katia." He got down on one knee. "Uh...Reid? You do know I'm 15, right?" "Don't care," he replied, taking one of my hands in his. "Katia Jiners... Will you---"
  4. "---do me the honor of going to Prom with me?" Wait,what? He's not proposing? Thank God. Prom...hmm. "For a second, I thought you were proposing to me, Reid Garwin." I said finally. He cracked a smile. "Yes. I'll go to Prom with you." He stood up and kissed me. I kissed him back. He pulled away. "You don't have a dress, do you." I shook my head. "Nope."
  5. "Ok. Can't believe I'm gonna do this, but I'll see you tommorrow. Stop by eariler at 7 and get ready at our place. Pretend we're getting married. Sarah and Kate will help you with your dress. If they don't, I will tell Caleb and Pogue they're preganant." I was bewildered. "They're preganant?" "No. But it's better than nothing," he said, grinning. I laughed. "Ok,deal. I'll see you tommorrow." We kissed, then he left. Immediately, when the dor closed behind him, I dashed to my laptop and began to search for a dress.
  6. After hours of searching for a dress, I couldn't find one I like so, I gave up. I flopped onto my bed and fell asleep. I was in the brightly lit barn again. It was thundering and lightning outside,the sky black as night, water pouring through the small cracks in the ceiling. I was alone. I looked down at myself. I could feel myself wearing a dress but I couldn't see it. It was blurred. I heard the chatter of voices around me, blurring together, like people talking,but there was no one there but me. "Tyler's Ascension at 12..." "Will he accept It?" "The Power is too great..." "Ascension..." "Say it! Three. Simple. Words,Caleb! I--" "I...." "Will--" "Will..." "You---" "You...nothing." Fight it...Don't give in... Tyler...We're all here for you... Brothers 'til all Hell takes over...
  7. So, yeah...tis short, sorry. Part 9 will be Tyler's P.o.V and his date! Then Part 10! whoooo! SHOUT-OUTS above! Anybody get the Game of Thrones season 1? Very interesting so far... dead people :) On second thought, unless you're mature and can handle blood, gore, and nude people, I suggest not watching this without a parent or on your own. Seriously. Listen.
  8. See ya later! Until then, The Bonds of Love Part 9 coming soon! Bye!---Alleria
  9. After The Bonds of Love, The Darkness and The Taken coming soon! Right after I finish The Cold :)
  10. BYE!

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