The Bonds of Love Part 2

The Bonds of Love Part 2! Special shout-outs to DCgirl, NightRain, and LovelyTeenWriter. LovelyTeenWriter thanks for your nice comment; I appreciate it :) DCgirl and NightRain-- I hope you get lots of comments and fans on your first quiz when you post it. :) The Bonds of Love Part 3 coming soon!

This is based on real-life and a dream I had. So, please enjoy! You will also find out why it is called "The Bonds of Love" unless some of you already know. I would love to hear why you think why I titled it "The Bonds of Love".THE BONDS OF LOVE PART 2 THE BONDS OF LOVE PART 2 THE BONDS OF LOVE PART 2

Created by: Alleria
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  1. Recap: Then, all of a sudden, a girl said "Freak" then pushed me over the desks. This was not the plan. I knocked my head into the wall, and closed my eyes.
  2. To Bleh Storie! I opened my eyes. I saw Reid kneeling in front of me, lips moving. I couldn't catch what he was saying. I heard a buzzing sound, then realized my hearing aids were squealing. I reached up, turned the volume down, and the words reached my ears. "Are you okay?" he was asking. I nodded. I gave him this look that said 'Improvise!' He nodded really quick, then helped me up. I saw no sign of the girl who pushed me. He gave me a weird look once he saw a glimpse of my hearing aid, then composed himself. "Let me guess. I'm in Dream-works Disney World," I said. "Pretty much,"he replied. I cursed myself. "Why do I always fall asleep in class?" He raised his hands up in surrender. "Hey, that's not my fault," he said. I rolled my eyes. He smirked. I paced back and forth. "So... why are you here?" "I'm here to help keep your dreams controlled." Oh, like that explained everything. I scoffed. He turned to his friends. They got up, and walked to us. Reid turned around.
  3. "We help control your dreams," the tallest boy said, the one who must be Caleb. He had dark brown hair,dark brown eyes, light skin, and a muscular build. "Oh, so what, you're the Dream Police?" I snorted. "Yes," the boy with the shoulder-lengthed light brown hair answered. He looked to be the same height as Caleb, and Reid. He wore motorcyle-like clothes. A black leather jacket and ripped jeans. "Ohh. that case....Oh! Look, there's a llama! Go check it out!" I retorted, pointing across the room. Caleb snapped his fingers. "Pogue. Reid. Come with me. Tyler, stay here." I watched as they walked across the room.
  4. I turned to Tyler. He was obviously the youngest of the group maybe about a year younger or so. He was the same height as the others, only with boyish features. He had light/dark brown hair, with light blue eyes. He had a more lighter skin tone than Reid and Caleb. He cleared his throat. We sat down on the floor. Awkward. In a few minutes, the others come and sit by Tyler facing me. I sit criss-crossed, hands in my lap. "Did ya find anything?"I asked. "Nope. Not unless you count the llama that stole my donut," Reid said. "So...tell us about you," Caleb interrupted gently after smacking Reid's head. "Well... I'm Katia. I'm 15. I'm a freshman. I moved here 4 weeks ago, and I'm still new here so... I'm adopted. I don't speak Spanish, by the way, just to clarify that. I like to draw... read.... sing.... act..." I trailed off, not knowing what to say. "Any questions for me?" "Why do you look so sad?" A voice spoke for the first time. I looked up towards the voice. Tyler stared at me, waiting for an answer. I was confused. "What do you mean?" "You just look sad. Like... you've seen something terrible," he mumbled shyly. I frowned. "I don't know," I told him. "I guess it's because the way people view me. I'm... kinda deaf. Anddd...I don't know. Trust me. If people saw the real me, they'd run in the other direction, screaming. I'm a freak. I'll always be a freak. That's how life is." They looked at me with... pity? Sympathy? I couldn't tell. The bell rang, startling us. We got to our feet, and collected our stuff, heading our separate ways. But I couldn't shake the feeling that I knew them from somewhere.
  5. I met up with my friends, Bree and Rebecca at lunch in the Commons, which is inside the school. Bree, who is a natural redhead, twinkled her green eyes and said, " We got some new hot boys!" "I heard from where those boys are from, they're called the 'Sons' for some weird reason. I don't really get it," Rebecca spoke quietly while eating her sandwich. She has shoulder-lengthed light brown hair, and light blue eyes. From our little bench against the wall, we watched the "Sons" sitting at a empty table, eating thier lunch. Pogue got up, cell phone in his hand, pressed up against his ear, began walking to the men's restroom. As he walked past us, I heard him say," Hey, Kate... Yes,baby. I missed you too...How's Sarah? Ok, I'll tell Caleb... Tell her that he misses and loves her and..." Bree pouted. "Dang! All the good guys are taken." "What about that guy?" Rebecca asked, pointing at Caleb. "That's Caleb. I think he's Sarah's boyfriend." I tried explaining, even though I wasn't sure if this "Sarah" was his girlfriend or not. We watched as Caleb got up, walking to Pogue, leaving only Tyler and Reid. Reid looked like to be hitting on every girl there was inside the school. He flashed them a smile. Twinkled his blue eyes at them... Ugh... Tyler, on the other hand, was quietly eating his food, then he decided to throw a open bag of Cheetos at Reid. Reid caught the bag mid-air, exclaiming, "Thanks, Baby-Boy!" Rebecca crinkled her nose. "Ugh. Why'd he call him, 'Baby-Boy'?" "He's the youngest," I replied. Tyler just shook his head, threw his lunch away, waved to me, then sat down. The others returned to thier seats. They looked to be a important discussion, occansicanly glancing over from time to time towards me. Ok, that was only Reid and Tyler...but still...
  6. Finally...I realized where I've seen them before. No freaking way! No wonder... Wow... The Sons in our very own school. I was so lost in thought that I didn't see Tyler come up to us. I snapped back to reality. "Hey, you and your friends want to sit with us?" Rebecca poked my shoulder. I nodded. "We would love to." Over the next couple of days, we sat with the boys, learning more about them. Everyone's parents knew each other, so the boys practically grew up with each other like they were brothers. Rebecca moved which made me more sadder (we keep in contact each day). The only people that would talk to me were the "Sons" and Bree. And for that, I was grateful.
  7. Reid flirted with me (I think, even though I couldn't tell if he was or wasn't), Caleb was teaching me more about self-defense, since he said, and I quote, "You need to, for someone your size. People'll take advantage of it ", I wasn't really getting the hang of it. Pogue let me ride with him on his motorcycle, Tyler let me help him draw so he wouldn't fail art. One day, they were held up by Mr. Stevens who demanded that they help him with something, so Caleb told me to go ahead and eat my lunch, and not wait for them. Bree was in the lunch line. I felt a tap on my shoulder and found the Popular clique standing before me. Crap. Not now. "So, how are you doin', Katie?" Melissa asked sitting down next to me. "Katia," I corrected. She rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Look... are you on drugs?" "What?" "'Cause... if you are, you seriously need help." "What are you talking about?" "We saw you last night. In the bathroom, " Emily said. Seriously? What the heck were they talking about? "Don't deny it." "Okay...look," I started, standing up. "I don't what you're talking about and---" I screamed as a bucketful of warm water poured all over me.
  8. I felt it pour down my face, dripping. Melissa, and the Pops stared at me horrifed. "What the f*** is up with your face?!" she screamed, as they backed away from me. I stared at them. I heard footsteps and I saw Caleb, Reid, Pogue, and Tyler. They froze when they saw me. Bree pushed through the crowd that was surrounding us. I looked around at each of them, giving them a glimpse of my face. I knew what they were seeing, the horrible remains of the three-degree burns that were on the right side of my face. There was no skin only muscle. No eyelid, eyebrow, cheek... nothing. My eye had barely a socket to hold it up. Basically, I looked like that one guy from The Dark Knight movie, who got burned in the face from the building explosion after Batman saved him. I felt tears filling up my eye--the side that wasn't burned, then turned and ran to the bathroom.
  9. Bree came in immediately after me. I covered the right side with my hand so she wouldn't have to see it. "Just ignore them," she said. I noticed she was holding my bag in one hand. "Was that makeup?" she asked. I nodded, wiping my tears away. Lots and lots and lots of makeup. She reached into my bag, and pulled out my makeup. "If you don't want to be friends anymore...." I croaked out. " I'll understand." She gave me a small smile and said she'd seen worse. I knew I could count on her. She started putting makeup on me carefully. I told her she shouldn't have to do it but she insisted. Within a couple of minutes, my face looked normal. She did a great job, for a first timer. As she put my stuff away, she spoke," How'd that happen?" "I don't really want to talk about it," I said softly, closing my eyes, banishing the terrible memory for now. I stood up. No matter what anybody thought of me, I was going to be myself. For the first time in my life. "Sorry, Bree," I apologized, before wiping away her work. I stared at the girl in the mirror. Who was this girl? I smiled at my reflection. "She's me," I whispered aloud. I turned and with my head held high, walked out of the restroom, showing my new accepted self.
  10. What'd you think?! Bad or good? Opinions on this or not... Yes, no cliffhanger! I know some people hate it but in some parts there will be... Any questions relating to what's real and what parts are the dream, please place them in the comments. Thanks for all the nice comments and for those to read it.
  11. SHOUT OUTS- ABOVE! All comments or GTQ users will get shoutouts in the next part. See you later in The Bonds of Love Part 3. I check my quiz stats every day and I'll be upadting everyday or every week depending on my schedule. ;)

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