The Bonds of Love Part 9

The Bonds of Love Part 9!! Wow!! The finale is coming soon! SHOUT-OUTS TO: JackieHoran,(my real life bestie) sami tabor, Monkey_Love, LovelyTeenWriter, and DCgirl.Thanks to everyone else who commented, read, and recommended. You guys are so amazingly awesome, and I wish i could give you a thousand chocolate cakes each... so here ya go! derp :)


Created by: Alleria
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  1. TYLER (P.o.V) I was nervous. I shook my hands on the steering wheel staring at Sami's house, through the rain-splattered windshield. I sighed to myself. Why it have to rain tonight? I glanced at the clock on the dashboard. 7:59. I got out then jogged to her front door. I double-checked her address. Yup. Right one. I waited, then knocked on her door. The door opened.A bald man stood there. "You Tyler?"he asked. "Yes, sir." I replied. "Come on in," he said. I stepped in. "SAMI!! TYLER'S HERE! She'll be down in just a second." We stood there in silence. " football?" "I take swimming," I replied. "Junior?" "Senior, sir." "17?"he asked. "Yessir." He looked at me. "You bring my daughter home safe now, you hear me? Anything that you try, I'll do to you. And I think you know what that means..." I swallowed. "Yessir." "Dad! You're kidding, right? Ugh. Hi, Tyler,"Sami said, standing at the foot of the stairs. She was wearing a slightly ripped tank-top,dark jeans, combat boots, her usual amount of eyeliner and her bracelets. She looked amazing. I smiled at her. It thundered. "Dang it. It's raining?! Dad! You could've told me!" she protested. "Ah, it's fine." I spoke up. "It's perfect." She looked down at herself, then shrugged. "Ok, let's go. Dad, I'll be home at 11--" "10," he interjected. "Fine, 10. See ya, Dad," she said as they embraced, then pulled away. We stepped outside, then ran to the van.
  2. I drove to Nelly's,the local diner(no such place people). We got inside, shaking the rain off of us. A waitress, Kelley, sat us down. We both ordered water, then Sami ordered a salad with ranch dressing, and I ordered a chicken. Once our food came, I saw her looking at it, like she was regretting the salad. So, I cut it up and gave half of it to her. She devoured it, but I didn't care. I liked girls who loved to eat. She cleared her throat, awkwardly. I ordered some apple pie. I shared it with her as we started talking about our likes and dislikes, our favorite movies, music etc. We both had a lot in common. I was really surprised about her. She told me that she often portrayed herself as a rude girl so no one would think she was easy. She told me stories about her drawings and her inspirations for them. I listened word for word.
  3. "So what are your favorite things to do?"she asked, taking a bite. "Draw, read a little, write, draw..." I said. "Are you blushing, Tyler Simms?"she asked, raising her eyes in disbelief. "Maybe," I admitted. She laughed. I liked it. Then I remembered the Prom posters I've seen around the school. "Hey, you um, uh... Doyouwantogotopromwithme?" "Um, what?Sorry, I didn't catch that." I sighed again, mentally cursing myself. "Do. you. want. to. go. to. prom? With me?" She stared at me for a really long time. Then she smiled and grinned. "I would love to." I glanced at the clock; 9:49. "Ugh, only a few more hours then, I'll be 18." "It's your birthday?" she asked. "Tomorrow,"I corrected her. "I'll be 18." "That's great!" she exclaimed.
  4. I stood up. "We might want to be heading back now." She looked confused, until she saw the clock. "Oh,yeah." I paid the bill, then we headed out to the car. I put the key in the ingition, and turned it. The car wouldn't start. I cursed. "You're kidding me right?" "Well, we could always run." I looked at her. She was smiling. "I don't mind," she told me. I thought and grinned. Ah, what the heck. "Let's do it." I made a mental note to call Reid later. We got out, then I walked over to her side. "Wanna race?" I asked, rain dripping from my hair. She smiled. "One..." "Two..." "Three!" we both shouted at the same time. And we were off.
  5. We were laughing. I looked back at her, then I saw her fall. I helped her up. I picked her up, seeing her knees were bleeding, not very heavily (they were scraped) but still bleeding. She tried to protest, but I ignored them. Her dad could kill me later. I started to walk slowly, her arms around my neck. "Well..."she said. "Well, this is romantic." I looked down at her. She smiled back up at me. "You know, you're carrying me, and it's raining, then the next thing you know, we'll be kissing." I laughed,then adjusted her in my arms. I was going to kiss her; I was just waiting for the right time. We finally reached her house. I set her down, her arms still around my neck. We looked at each other. God, she was so beautiful with rain pouring down on her. Apparently that eyeliner must've been waterproof beacause it stayed where it was, not smearing. She smiled weakly, a wet hair strand falling in her face. I reached out, and tucked it behind her ear. Our lips met. I didn't shove my tongue in her mouth or try to grope her in anyway. My number one rule: always respect the woman no matter what, unlike Reid. I pulled away. She was smiling. The door swung open.
  6. "You're late," he said. "Daddy, it wasn't his fault. The car broke down and we ran. I fell and scraped my knees but Tyler here was kind enough to carry me here. So don't blame this on him. Happy early brithday Tyler," she said, kissing my cheek, somehow managing to storm up the stairs. Her dad gave me a look, then slammed the door in my face. "Nice meeting you," I say. I turn and walk back to the van. I lift up the hood. I called Reid, and told him the car wouldn't start. Within minutes, the engine flared to life. "Thanks,dude." I shut the hood,climbed into the car, and drove to the house.
  7. Caleb, Reid, and Pogue were waiting for me. "So how'd your date go?" I closed the door, walking past them, taking off my jacket. "It went great at first. I asked her to prom. The car broke down and we ran all the way out in the rain. Then she fell and scraped her knees and I carried her home and I kissed her." I turned around, crossing my arms. "What, you guys have a problem with that?" They shook thier heads. Reid leaned against the banister. There was something he wasn't telling us But I didn't ask him about it. I headed up to my room. I flopped on my bed, and threw my arms over my face. I closed my eyes and chuckled to myself. I couldn't wait to see Sami again, at prom tomorrow. I wondered what she would be wearing... I fell asleep.
  8. Someone was screaming, a little girl. I could hear her screaming my name begging for me to help, to save her. The problem was I couldn't find her. I was trapped in a dark room. Then flashes of images. A fire... Katia...the first day we saw her... Sarah in a white long silk dress... Kate being covered in spiders... Pogue crashing his motorcycle... Caleb in a black tux hands clenched out in front of him, a fireball ready to launch, rain drenching his clothes... Reid, wearing his long-sleeved black t-shirt challenging Caleb... Sami, standing in front of me, wearing her date clothes...She reaches out to touch my cheek, but then an inviasble force yanks her backward, and she disappears...
  9. The room disappears, I'm on a cliff, with Pogue, and Caleb. We're waiting for Reid. Finally he shows up. I asked him where he was, he said that he had things to do. He asked how the party was, Pogue replied that he just got here. Reid jumped off the cliff, and I followed suit. Fast forward Caleb meeting Sarah, Reid saying "Dreamcatcher was the s***!", the bar fight between Reid and Caleb... Caleb at the old colony barn fighting Chase... Seeing him get struck by that lighting... by The Power on his Ascension... Chase getting blown up by the fire from the barn... I bolt up from the dream--vision-- or whatever the h*** it was. I see a figure standing in front of me. I reach back to turn on the light, but by the time I look back the figure's gone. I sighed, running my hands through my hair, then turn off the light, falling asleep once more.
  10. End of Part 9! SHOUT-OUTS ABOVE!!!!! The Bonds of Love Part 10--the finale is coming soon! Whoo-hoo! I never been on a date nor kissed before in my life so sorry if it sucked. I read most of these things in books...And I'm 15 which is sad. Prom is coming up! What will happen? Who will be crowned king and queen? Will flying donuts make an appearence in the epic finale? Yes yes they will. lol Stay tuned for the epic finale in The Bonds of Love Part 10 :) ---Alleria

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