WWE Love Story Part II

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Warning: major spoilers ahead if you didn’t take part I! Basic info: y/n= your name y/l/n= your last name c/n= crush name/// recap inside story! Have fun! New character coming soon!

Welcome back my lovelies! I hope y’all are doing great! This is part II to my unknown number part quiz! Have fun and recap is on a question but seriously is you haven’t taken part 1, please do so or this won’t make since!

Created by: WWEQueen

  1. Welcome back!!
  2. Recap: We left off with Randy walking up to you. And Beginning:“Well...look who we have here” Randy says touching my hair. “Don’t touch my hair please.” I asked gently. “Oh y/n don’t be like that.” He traces my jawline with his fingertips.
  3. After I finally get away from Randy I go find my friends. Me and them are supposed to go on a girls trip this Saturday and Sunday before Raw next Monday arrives. It’s a girls only trip so none of those four men who greeted me can come. Which I am disappointed that c/n (crush’s name) can’t come. Oh well, there is always some other time
  4. Aleister walked up with Jeff. (If one of these isn’t your crush for this, click okay) They seemed very convinced about something. However, I could dare put my finger on it. “How’s it going y/n?” Aleister says to you. You blush slightly at the thought of him asking about you. “I’m good, and yourself?” I ask him politely. “Devilish.” A small grin formed so slightly on your face. Could I possibly be into him? I thought.
  5. Jeff looks at Aleister and then you. “You two honestly, get a f-ing hotel room!” He says. You blush as your face feels hot. Aleister smirks at this remark. The chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon comes up with not even a smile on his face, which isn’t surprising. “Ms. Y/l/n, how was your first night here?” I nod. ‘It was everything I hoped it would be sir.”
  6. Vince walks away as I said goodnight to Both Jeff and Aleister. I couldn’t help but feel butterflies in my stomach. Could this be love? Maybe so...no...you thought, I am rushing to conclusions! Your just excited that’s all!
  7. I get in my white Ford-150 and slam the door shut as I turn on the engine and heater in the car. Then...I realize, MY PHONE IS GONE!!! I must it in there a little while ago.
  8. I turn the truck off and lock the doors and run back to the catering area which is where I spent last night. It wasn’t where it was before me, until I heard a few footsteps behind me. I wasn’t worried, but I wanted my phone. I turn around and Randy has my phone in his hand. “Give me that! I need it!” I jump up as he raises his hand with my phone higher. “I’ll give it back if you go on a date with me!”
  9. *if you picked the 2nd or 3rd option this is for you, for those of you who picked yes, you’ll have to click okay and go to the next question!* “Get lost! I don’t like you!” He replied back with “Oh of course not you like c/n! He’s too good for you!” He snarled. I wanted my phone bad because I wanted out. I saw Randy tumble over as I got my phone. It was Roman, I guess he pushed him.
  10. *this is for people who picked yes for the Randy orton scene if you don’t like him, this isn’t for you! Click okay and scroll to the next question!*My heart started to race. I was ready. “Oh sure! I’d love to, can I please have my phone now?” He handed it to me and brushed my hair before pulling me into a kiss.
  11. These last few questions count but it’s about looks and personality! Part III coming soon! These questions will help with who your character is for the next few parts I’ll be making soon!
  12. What’s your eye color?
  13. Personality?
  14. Who are you loving so far?
  15. Are you strong?
  16. Favorite color?

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