Ghost Stories Part 1

Introducing Ghost Stories Part 1! brother and sister, Samuel and Avira meet the new girl Corbin at their school and enjoy her company and companionship.

But, when something so strange and so unexpected happens to Corbin while playing Storm Ball, do Samuel and Avira have enough time to save Corbin? Read Ghost Stories Part 1 and stay tuned to Ghost Stories Part 2!

Created by: HannaBanana
  1. Meeting the characters for Ghost Stories Part One: Avira, she's a Loyal, Creative and Friendly girl. Corbin, she's a Smart, Sporty and Nature-Loving girl. And Samuel, he's a Honest, Respectful and joyful boy. Now lets begin with the story!
  2. Setting: Cafeteria. Corbin "Hey, I'm new here. Can I maybe, sit with you two?" Avira & Samuel "Yeaa, sure!" Corbin "Great! I'm starving to death!" Samuel "So am I, It's almost agonizing..." *Avira elbows Samuel "Shut you'r pie whole Samuel!" she whispers.* The three continue eating their lunch and get back to class.
  3. Setting: After school. "Hey Corbin!..." Avira yells. "We were wondering if you wanna come over to our house and hangout, maybe?" Corbin "Um...sure, why not?" The three walk together to Avira's and Samuel's house, while walking they talk about their day in school.
  4. Setting: Avira and Samuel's house. Corbin "Wow, this house is so amazing!" Samuel "And the best thing is that our parents arn't home so we can do whatever we wan't!" Avira "Do you wan't to go swimming?" Corbin "I don't have clothes though.." Samuel "It's okay, Avira will share clothes with you." Avira "SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!" Corbin "So I can't?" Avira "No, You can don't worry." Avira goes to her room and gives Corbin a swimsuit and tells her where to change.
  5. Setting: Avira's Pool. *Corbin splashes Samuel* Samuel "Hey, JERK!" *Samuel splashes back to her* Avira "THIS IS SOOO FUN!!!" Corbin "I know right!" The three stop their splashing and began talking about themselves. Avira "My favorite color is pink." Corbin "Mine is too!" Samuel "Mine is red!!" Avira "Yeaa. Nobody cares. So Corbin, where were you living before you moved here to Kentucky?" Corbin "I lived in a Rhode Island, my mom moved here because of this job she got."
  6. Setting: Still in Avira's pool! Avira "Corbin I think I need to tell you something.." *Samuel elbows Avira "Don't!" he whispers.* Avira "Shh.. i got this" she whispered. Corbin "I'm listening.." Avira "Me and Samuel are.." *Samuel yells "Stop!" and pushes Avira into the water, holding her down,causing Avira to pass out.Therefore, Avira never finishes what she was gonna say.* Corbin "What did you do to her?" Samuel "Leave." Corbin "W-Why??" Samuel "GO HOME NOW!!!" *Corbin runs back home just before the spark of darkness appears in the sky.*
  7. Setting: Just before school the next day. Avira "Psst..Corbin." Corbin "Yeaa..?" Avira "I need to tell you this before Samuel comes." Samuel "Tell her what before Samuel comes?" Avira "Uhhh.. That you smell like a mokey, and you look like one too!" *Avira grabs Corbin's hand and runs to the girls bathroom*. Samuel "Pshh..Girls.." Corbin "This is weird!" Avira "Okay. This will be fast. Me and Samuel are ghosts." Corbin "Whoaa..COOL!" Avira "You have to promsie to not tell anybody." Corbin "I Promise." *Corbin spends the rest of the day thinking of how cool It Is to have friends who are ghosts. But also thinks about the worst, not being able to tell ANYBODY!*
  8. Setting: At Avira's house, AGAIN! Samuel " I can't believe you told her.." Avira "I had to! It was killing me not to!" Corbin "Hey, you two have my word. I won't tell anyone." Samuel "Yeaa right." he whispers. Avira "Who want's to go to the park?" Corbin & Samuel "MEE!" They say at the same time. Avira "Then let's do it!"
  9. Setting: The Park! Corbin "This park is so cool! I can't believe I havn't seen this place before!" Avira "Well, It is a private park. Only the coolest people come here." Samuel "You're just lucky that my coolness let you two in." Corbin "Haha, very funny..not..!" Avira "Wanna storm ball?" Corbin "What's that?" Samuel "Just baseball, In a storm." Avira "..and because the clouds are gray and It's humid outside, I bet It's about to rain." Corbin "Well, I guess we can play!" *Avira, Samuel and Corbin all play Storm Ball* Samuel "I think we should get going now." Avira "Aww..Why? Samuel "Because, look at the sky." Corbin "Oh yeaa... It's getting really dark out. I think he's right, Avira." Avira "Fine, I suppose we can go." *The three began walking home.*
  10. Setting: Walking home. Corbin "Oh no! It's 8:21 and my mom want's me home by 8:30." Avira "Don't worry, You have enough time." Samuel "No she doesn't!" Avira "Yes she does!" Samuel "I'f I't takes 15 minutes from the park to out house, then I't will take twice as long to get to her house." Avira "Oh yea, she does live further then us doesn't she.." Corbin "I'f I'm late my mom will kill me!" Samuel "Okay, Don't panic.." Corbin "I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die." *Just after Corbin says "I'm gonna die." something tragic happens. So strange and so unexpected. Will Corbin really die? Will Avira and Samuel have enough time to save Corbin? Stay tuned for Ghost Stories Part 2 to find out what happens!
  11. This is the end of Ghost Stories Part 1 but make sure to stay tuned for Ghost Stories Part 2 to find out what happens to Corbin!

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