Scary Love part 8

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Ah. We meet again. If you haven't read parts 1-7, I really recommend you go and read them now. Otherwise you will be so utterly confused it won't even be funny.

PLEASE READ THIS PART! I want to thank the few people who do read these cute lil stories of mine. Big shout-outs to Sazi. Thanks so much for the inspiring words! and Pkiera75, Deedra,Ginger,iluvdolphins,qapsie, thanks for sticking by all my stories! Hope you guys like this one! -3moAng3l-

Created by: xX3mo_Ang3lXx
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  1. About two seconds later the heat went away. “Sage, you can open your eyes now,” Jareth said from behind me. I did as he requested and to my surprise, I wasn’t in an urn or anything. I was back in the stupid training room.
  2. I turned around and glared at Jareth, who was now grinning really wide. “Don’t you ever think about pulling that crap again,” I said, fuming. Heh, fuming. Get it? Never mind. Jareth, still smiling, leaned down and kissed me. I went from furious to helpless in less than a second. He finally pulled back and looked at me. “Lets get training.” Billy came in and gave me yet another numbing shot. Then we worked and worked like crazy on my attacking skills. Even with the numbing medication, it hurt really badly. I didn’t say anything about it though, for the sake of saving myself from another argument with Tommy.
  3. Around four hours later, Jareth said that we were finished for the day. “Its about time,” Adrian said from the doorway, frowning. “Oh shut up. She has to learn to defend herself sometime.” I sighed. This fighting over me was flattering and all, but it was beginning to get tiresome. “Both of you shut up. Jareth, can you take me to my room?” I saw a hint of jealousy in Adrian’s glare at Jareth as he took hold of my hand. I looked up at Jareth’s face and saw that he was smirking. “Jareth, quit it,” I said, and got prepared for the cremation thing again.
  4. There was another quick flash of orange and the warm breeze came and went. I didn’t like the warmness this time, but it could be that I was sweating like a pig, but you get the hint. As soon as the light from the oh so wonderfully scary fire travel was out of my vision, I flopped down on my bed and was dreaming by the time Jareth left the room. What am I dreaming of this time?
  5. I continued to stare at him, trying to remember what I would do if he were attack me somehow. Even though I doubted it would happen, I still had to take precautions. His eyes fluttered awake and looked at me. “Well, she finally awoke.” “What are you doing here again?” I asked, trying to get up. He stood up from the chair he was lounging in and helped me back up on my bed. “What am I doing on the floor anyways?” “Well, when I first got here, you were in your bed, practically smothering yourself with your own pillow,” Cameron said, smiling smugly. “Then when I tried to turn you over on your side, you punched me in the face. As I recovered, you turned yourself over and fell off the bed altogether. I went to check on you and I barely touched your face to see if you were okay and you kicked me in a rather uncomfortable place.” As I listened to him, I faintly remembered punching him, but have no recollection of kicking him.
  6. “Sage, I need you to come with me,” Cam said, after I was done having a laughing fit. I instantly sobered. “What for?” “I need help to defeat the Hecate Clan. I’m not going to let the others do it because it is too dangerous and they don’t have enough power to stop them, even with you on our side.” “Wait wait wait,” I said, extremely confused. “Our side? You’re not evil? They told me that you wanted to kill me.”
  7. me that you wanted to kill me.” Cameron chuckled. “I did want to kill you for starting all of this mess in the first place. Mr. High-And-Mighty, otherwise known as Jareth, kicked me out of the house, thinking it was best for you, since we were watching after you. I became angrier every time they put me on any kind of watch-shift. But I realized it wasn’t your fault. But they won’t give me a chance to explain myself, so I had to do it the hard way.” “Ah,” I said, but I still had so many questions. “Ask them if you must, but we haven’t much time before the others wake up.” “What-“ I started to say, but was interrupted. “I can read minds, read people’s emotions, fight like a God of War, and I can fly. I have wings, but you will have to see them later.”
  8. With that bit of information, I was immensely even more confused. “Yes or no Sagie. We don’t have much more time.”
  9. On impulse, for some stupid reason, I answered yes. Cameron hurriedly gathered clothes from the dresser and stuffed them in a bag that he had found from God knows where while I slipped into some jeans (WHICH HURT SO MUCH!!) and put on a pair of Chuck Taylors. “Ready to go?” Cam asked me when I was finished. I shook my head yes and he led me to the window. I stared at him. He climbed out of the window and I heard a whooshing sound. I got closer to the window and looked out at Cameron.
  10. His wings were huge. They had to be at least twenty feet wide, tip to tip. They were black with a purple tint to them when the moonlight hit them at the right angle. He held his hands out to me. I didn’t move an inch, due to yet another state of shock. Not that I really needed another shock, but apparently this was my new life. Cam’s wings starting flapping a little back and forth and he got closer to the window. Then I instantly heard my door slam open.
  11. I looked behind me and saw Katie and her arms shot forward towards Cameron. I involuntarily jumped from the window ledge and into Cameron’s arms and out of Katie’s sight. To my surprise, he caught me as if I weighed less than a feather and we were in the air. As I went through what had just happened in my head, I realized what this was going to do to both Jareth and Adrian. I caught a glimpse of Adrian’s facial expression when I jumped to Cam. It looked like he was furious, worried, alert, and confused all in the same second.
  12. In less than a second, Cam flew us over the mansion and towards the huge mountains that were overpowering the landscape. What I was supposed to do at that very moment stunned me. This seemed to be happening a lot here lately…
  13. HAHAHA! Tell meh what you think about it so far! Thanks for all your support!

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