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This is just a story about something that I made up in my head. Read it if you want to, but be sure to rate and comment!!!I hate the stupid one hundred and 50 match thing.

I hate the 150 is so stupid and i really dont see the point to the whole thing because it is so long and indecisive that noone really even reads it.

Created by: xX3mo_Ang3lXx

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  1. (Pretend as if you are saying "I" and such, then it makes more sense) I couldn’t handle it anymore. My parents wouldn’t stop yelling. They had been at it for three hours now, and they were only bickering when I first got home from school. I heard them when I first walked in the door and have been hiding in my dungeon of a room ever since.
  2. I’m Sage McAllister, and my home life is stupid and a wreck. I live in Portland, Oregon, and I love living here, but hate my school and pretty much everyone in it. Except for my friend Christopher, I don’t associate with people there. They steer clear of me and I pretty much ignore everyone. About ten minutes later when my head started throbbing from all the yelling, I grabbed my hoodie and climbed out my window, onto the tree outside, and down onto the ground. I loved going outside, I don’t know why, but I always have. I walked down the street and around the corner to the convenience store. The owner of the store knew me pretty well. As soon as I walked in he looked up from his Blackberry and started punching in numbers on the register to ring up my items, even though I hadn’t even reached the isles yet.
  3. Not so good. My parents are fighting again,” I told him, getting a Monster from the cooler and a bag of Cracker Jacks off of the shelf. “Aw. I am sorry Sage. I wish I could help somehow,” he said, taking the cash I gave him and put it in the drawer. “I hope you have a better night.” “You’re not the only one who is hoping, bye Mr. Anwar,” I said, as I walked out of the front door and into the sidewalk
  4. I was deciding which way to start walking when this guy bumped into me. He was about average height, and he was well dressed in a closed trench coat, with a black t-shirt underneath it. He was wearing black skinny jeans and Chuck Taylors. His hair was black and around earlobe length with a hint of red in it when the streetlight hit it a certain way.
  5. “Sorry,” he said as he regained his stepping and just kept walking away from me. I didn’t think he was bad looking, attitude could use some work, but I’d probably never see him again after this anyways.
  6. I turned right at the stoplight and went down like two blocks. I decided that I wanted to finish off my Cracker Jacks at the park. I took a shortcut through the alley. I was about halfway through it and standing by a dumpster when some guy with really blonde haired guy came out of nowhere and was standing infront of me. I was quite shocked so I just kind of stood there, glaring at him, hoping that he would just keep walking. The only reason I say that is because this guy was scary looking. He was really buff, like those guys that wrestle in the WWE or something. He was wearing huge combat boots, black baggy jeans, and a black tanktop that was so tight it made it look like he got a boob job.
  7. He started casually walking towards me like we were old friends or something. It was at that moment that I decided that taking the shortcut wasn’t going to happen. I turned myself straight around and went the same way I came. I heard him start whistling a tune that was strangely familiar to me. I realized that it was Hoist the Colours from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.
  8. It was one of my favorite movies, yet right now, I dreaded it as I heard the strange blonde man begin to follow me. I did what any non-mentally-retarded person would do and I ran instead of speed walking. I rushed around the corner and ran straight into the hot guy that I never thought that I was going to see again. He had some kind of black sword-looking thing in his hand and was running too when we had crashed. He got back up with one swift movement and ran into the alley. I was still dizzy from when we collided, so I figured that I would take a little bit of a nap right there on the concrete.
  9. I woke up, almost sitting up too fast. I was in a strange room that I had never seen before. The walls were really dark red with black carpet and black curtains. There were pictures of bands everywhere on the walls, with paintings thrown in every three feet or so.
  10. Just then this guy walked in the room carrying a bowl of cereal. He looked kind of tired and had small bags under his eyes. I recognized this guy from somewhere. He was the one who ran into me when I was running away from Whistling Blondie. “Oh good, you’re awake. I was wondering if you were ever going to,” this guy said, still munching on a mouthful of cereal. His black hair was all messed up and tangled.
  11. What do you think of my story so far?
  12. Would you read part 2?

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