Drop of Secrets (1)

This was just a story I made up in my head. I kept that story in my head for a very long time (since I was about eight) and now I want to share it with gotoquiz! I hope you like my story! Comment! Rate!

Warning: This contains supernatural events and high school romance. If you are not interested in those kind of stuff then don't read (please read!) thanks!

Created by: ilovekittens

  1. Contains supernatural, and high school romance. If not interested in this kind of stuff then don't read (please read!)
  2. I was small, very small when I woke up in the lonely woods. No one was there, not even my family. I looked at my arm and there was a picture, more like a tattoo, of a vine with leaves and small spikes. I didn't know why I had it, and how. When I woke up, I remembered nothing. My family, my parents, and myself. A couple of minutes a man came. He had silver and blond hair, with wrinkles all over his face. He wore black fishing boots, saggy pants, and a black coat. He saw me sitting there, alone. He walked up to me and asked "where is your family little girl?" I didn't reply. He took me to his home and told me that he was going to let me stay there until my family finds me. "What's your name little girl?" I had to say something "I don't know." I said. He looked at my left arm, my vine tattoo. His eyes became wide like he was going to die. He looks up to me and says "I'll make up one then. Ana, how 'bout that? Ana Leroyd. My name is Len, but you can call me...grandpa." I smile. He showed me my bedroom, bathroom, and other rooms. And I stayed.
  3. But that was all in the past.I stayed with grandpa for 11 years. I was home schooled for 11 years, My grandpa cared for me for 11 years and my family still wasn't there. Now I am a 17 year old living with an old, drowsy grandpa. I had to make my grandpa food, bring a cup of water, do laundry and other chores because of grandpa's back pain. But I don't care. I love grandpa and I don't care if I have to do chores and make food for him. He found me, he home schooled me, and this is how I will repay him.
  4. 3 o'clock: I look through the window, watching each drop of rain land onto the ground, forming a muddy puddle. I look at grandpa and see him sleeping in his leather chair, holding the remote in his hand. I look back at the window. The rain stopped and there were smaller puddles. I walk back into my bedroom and wait. Wait till grandpa wakes up. One hour later I walk back downstairs and see grandpa watching t.v, pressing buttons on the remote. As I walk downstairs he stares at me then turns the t.v off.
  5. "Hon'," Grandpa says "What is it, grandpa?" I ask. He gives me a worried look, which made me look worried too. Grandpa continues. "I think you should go to high school. I can't teach you anything anymore." My tears form, and I try to hold it in, One drop slides onto my skin. I wipe it off and pretend I am not crying. "I understand." I say, turning my face to the opposite direction of where grandpa is sitting. "There is a school a couple miles away, so you're using the bus. "When does it start?" I ask. "It has to start tomorrow. That's when it's the first day of school." I walk back to my bedroom and lay on my bed. I'm not prepared for it though. I don't have any materials. I don't have any clothes. I have nothing. Tomorrow i'll go to the store after school. I don't feel like going today. I lay down and expect grandpa to come and support me. But he didn't. Besides, he can't stand up anymore because of his back pain. I look at my tattoo of a vine on my left arm and touch the stem of the vine. I then gently press the leaves on the vine, trying to entertain myself.
  6. That is all so far! The good stuff will come next!
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