Help me make a warrior cat story! (Girls only)

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Hello again! Or nice to meet you! As you may know, I have many warrior cat characters I've made that are swirling around my head. This quiz is for my six favorite she-cats, Amberfang, Snowfall, Sunflight, Petalstem, and of course, Ivydream. I made a rough sketch for all of them.

You answer the questions to see which cat you're most like. Then, you share your result in the comments. The cat who has at least 10 people like her, wins and gets a story on Gotoquiz. Have fun!

Created by: Ivydream
  1. Where shall we begin. I know! Let's start with ranks. You are a...
  2. Fur time! Choose the one you like best!
  3. What's your eye color?
  4. Do/did you have a mate?
  5. Favorite prefix out of these?
  6. What about a suffix?
  7. *Rp time* You were in battle against an enemy Clan and you were pinning a young apprentice down. What will you do next?
  8. *rp* Your mate is dying. What do you do?
  9. How many siblings do you have? If so, what gender?
  10. If you belonged in the world of warriors, what would be your worst mistake?
  11. Do you have any permanent injuries?
  12. How did you get your warrior name?
  13. Are you part of a prophecy or omen?
  14. How many kits do you have if you have them?
  15. Who's your favorite character from the first Warriors arc?
  16. Thanks for taking my quiz! Please comment your answer. First comment gets a shout-out! (this doesn't effect your score)

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