witch warrior fanmade oc cat made by me are you

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If you get Snowfall you have the kindness and Loyalty Snowfall has and you will be a great warrior cat in warrior cats:untold tales of course do you agree? :3

If you get Deerfall you will have the soft and Shiny pelt.Deerfall was loving as a kit she listened to the elders' stories every moon(Day)until she was a paw.

Created by: Breanna

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. who do you think you are
  2. Who is your mate
  3. Who do you like the most of my Warrior cat OCs :3
  4. What is your kits' names
  5. what is your rank
  6. What is your favorite prefixes
  7. what is your favorite prefixes
  8. what is the gender of your mate and kits'
  9. What is your prefix
  10. What is your suffix

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Quiz topic: Witch warrior fanmade oc cat made by me am I