What type of warrior cat are you?

Hello, i'm Morgan. This is a quiz for "Witch warrior cat are you?" This quiz took 2 hours and this was my first quiz I've made! :D I really hope you enjoy it, and please comment anything i should fix about it to know when i make another.

This is a quiz about witch warrior are you? I made the questions to how close an answer is to something. Like soft and likes petting is a kitty-pet and gives a really high likely chance. And the what would you do if _______, is mostly based on what most of the warriors/deputies/leaders and etc do in the book when it happens.

Created by: morgan

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What personality type do you have? If non of these are your personality, choose one you think is the closest to it
  2. What would you like doing if you were a cat? If you don't want to do any of these just pick a one you think is close.
  3. Pick another type of personality that you may have. If non of these match you, choose the closest.
  4. There is a forest fire, what do you do??
  5. Your on a hunting patrol, you smell rabbit and squirrel (Prey/food). Witch do you go for?
  6. What herb do you use for infections from a mouse bite? Brings you closer to medicine cat!
  7. A cat tackles you and pins you down as he/she sinks their claws into your chest. What do you do?? Warrior/deputy/leader/apprentice bonus.
  8. What foods do you think you'd like as a cat?
  9. What answer would you prefer? Pick wisely :)You will get a 1 point bonus!! :) Some ranks you cant get a bonus for though. Like deputy and leader...
  10. You are in a battle because your camp was raided, the leader was at her last life and she was about to lose it. But your mate was also about to die, ( If you don't want a mate pretend your "Mate" is your mom/dad/sibling) Who would you save?

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Quiz topic: What type of warrior cat am I?