A Scary Story (Teens Only)

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Are you afraid of scary movies, the dark, creepy spiders, ghosts and vampires...and all that? Maybe you shouldn't. Actually, if you be brave, you could actually become as scary as them! Take this quiz to write a scary story and find out how scary you really is. Do you think you're scary?

WARNING: This quiz contains low level of violence and if you are under 10 years old you shouldn't really be taking this quiz. This is why this quiz is marked "Teens Only". If you really want to take this quiz, get a parent beside you and take the quiz together. CHILDREN 1O YEARS OR UNDER, DO NOT TAKE THIS SCARY QUIZ ALONE.

Created by: DJK3200

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  1. One day, with a blow of the wind, a ... crept into a haunted house and howled into the night.
  2. Then, it started looking for something. At last it found it. It was a (n) ...
  3. It hawled it into the bushes and disappeared. The next day, two teenage hunters found a (n) ... leading the way the creature went last night.
  4. It looked seriously freaky because it looks like that the creature have just freshly killed someone (something). The two teenagers ...
  5. One of them decided that it will be a better idea to call some other people. The other said: "..."
  6. So, the two hunters found some other brave people and they followed the trail. In the afternoon, they reached a giant ...
  7. When they opened the door, the creature that was there last night jumped out and ... six of them.
  8. Then, it threw the six of them into a ... nearby.
  9. With cries of fear, the rest of the gang backed away. Some of them got caught and ...
  10. That night, the newspaper headline was "...". All the gang members was badly hurt and some of them were killed and became dinner.
  11. The next morning, the creature woke up and stifled a yawn. It was glad it had ... human yesterday. It haven't had human for years.
  12. The next night, eight policemen, six policewomen, five hunters and ten soldiers got killed by the creature again. This time the Americans were getting ...!
  13. So, eight billion nine trillion fourty million twenty thousand nine hundred and ninety nine people all planned to face the ... creature together.
  14. In seconds, half of the people were killed and aten straight away. The creature was getting fuller and the people were getting ...
  15. Then, the creature grabbed a very fat person and started drinking his blood (more fatter people have more juicier blood). But suddenly, it accidentally swallowed him whole and it ... all the dead people it have aten already out!
  16. Dead bodies went flying everywhere. The people got ... and all ran away, all the way back home.
  17. And for the creature, it ate too much, a flash of stomach ache attacked. Thunder crashed as the creature fell down in pain of its stomach, its ... bleeding...
  18. After the death of the creature, anything like that was never seen again, and no more magical creatures was ever seen in America's haunted forests. ......

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