Scary Story: Lucy

This quiz is sure to scare you, so if you have any sense, you'll turn back now. This story has scared me every time I've heard it, every time I've even told it, and sure enough, it scared me typing it up here.

Be afraid! She could come for you... She could come for your loved ones... And she WILL come for you, one day in your long and boring life, she will come, and...!

Created by: Lifeless...

  1. One day, your Grandmother came round for a visit. You were very exited, because your Grandma usually brings you a little present whenever she sees you. "Hello Grandma!" You say as you walk into the room. "Oh, hello dear! Look what Grannie's got you!" She held out a china doll. You take it. "Wow! She's beautiful!" You exclaim.
  2. "She was mine when I was a child. I loved her very much, and I want you to look after her very well. Her name is Lucy." Your Grandmother explains. "Thanks Grandma!" You say, and run up to your room. "Yuck..." You hate it. You knew your Grandma would be upset if you said you didn't like it, so you pretended you loved it. You got into your room and put the doll in the bin.
  3. A couple of hours later, you went to bed. You skipped into your room, but when you saw it, you stopped dead in your tracks...
  4. Lucy was sat on your bed, her black bead eyes glinting at you in the darkness. You switched on the light, then picked up the doll and took her outside. Tomorrow was the day when the rubbish men came round, and every house had a black bag outside it, filled with rubbish. You threw Lucy into the one outside your house, then went back inside and locked the door.
  5. A week went by, a month, two months. You had been fine. No more creepy things had happened, and life was going good. Tomorrow you were going to your friend's party, and you'd got her the best present ever. You went to bed happy and carefree.
  6. You'd just settled down, the duvet was warm and comfy and the pillows were positioned just how you like them. You closed your eyes. Then, you heard a little girl singing. "I'm coming for you. I'm in your town!"
  7. A few minutes later, you hear the voice again. "I'm coming for you. I'm in your street!" You think, 'I don't think I've been watching anything scary lately... So why am I thinking this??' Then the voice comes again, louder this time. "I'm coming for you. I'm coming through your gate!" Then you hear the familier squeaking noise that your gate makes whenever someone walks through it. You looked through the window, and saw a small, dark figure stood at the end of your path. It started walking forward. "I'm coming for you. I'm walking down your path!"
  8. You run back to bed, switch on your light and huddle down inside the duvet. The voice spoke again. "I'm coming for you. I'm at your front door!" Then you heard three bangs on the door, three slow, loud knocks. BANG! BANG! BANG! "Let me in." The voice sounded again. "Let me in!" You don't move. You hear the front door slam shut. "I'm still coming for you."
  9. 'Clip-clop, clip-clop.' You heard shoes taping on the wooden hallway in your house. CREAK! The voice spoke again. "I'm on the first step." CREAK, CREAK! "I'm on the third step." CREAK, CREAK, CREAK! "I'm on the sixth step." You can hear them coming up the stairs. "Muuum...? Daaad...?" You call, shakily. The voice was suddenly there again. "Don't call for your parents... They can't hear you!" Scary laughing sounded all around your head.
  10. Suddenly, the creaking stopped. Silence, then,"I'm on your landing!" Before you knew what you were doing, you got up, ran to your bedroom door and bolted it from the inside. You felt a bit better now, because the door could not be opened from the outside when you locked it from the inside. Or so you thought. "I'm at your bedroom door! But, oh, you've locked it! You dear little thing..." You watched as the bolt slowly slid open. You ran back to bed. You had only just pulled the covers over your head, when you heard the door slam against the wall.
  11. You thought they'd gone. Everything was silent. You were just considering whether to take a look, when you heard one, single footstep that seemed to echo all through the house. Then, "I'm in your room! Look! Look at me, and be afraid!" You peeked out from under the covers - and there you saw Lucy. "Wha...? Bu... But I threw you away!" You stammered, diving back under the covers. This time, the voice sounded sad. "Yes, you did, didn't you? But I came back. I always come back. And I will get my revenge!"
  12. ...The last thing you saw was Lucy's painted face and her black bead eyes, filled with murder...

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