a vampire love story part 2

This is part two, to the story, I hope you enjoy it, and get who you want. I am adding in a new character, but he is near the end, you'll hear more from him later.

Catching up, Part one, you just got brought to this cabin, and your scared. you don't know what's going on but you are with Chase. Do you trust him enough?

Created by: vampiregirl447
  1. You and Chase walk inside, you see Bryan, Derek, and Alex. "____, your here!" Derek exclaimed. "yeah, but my question is, why am I here?"
  2. "There are evil forces here, together we must destroy them." Chase answered. "What?!" you yell, "why am I included in this?" "Exactly, she isn't supposed to be here, lets bring her back and leave her alone!" Alex snapped. "Alex, we need her!" Bryan yelled. "Calm down, and answer my questions." you exclaim. "Fine," Derek answered "What is your question?" "My question is why, do you need me?" you ask. "We need you because you are one of the powerful forces of this world." Chase replied. "What?" You ask.
  3. "I am leaving!" Alex yelled as he stormed out of the room. "Don't worry Alex will cool off soon." Derek told you. 'The evil force is the argretto. They are a evil force that wants to rule the world, and if they rule the world, our kind, is doomed.' Chase answered with a sad tone in his voice. "Our kind?" you ask. "You never told her?" Bryan asked Chase. "It wasn't the right time." Chase answered looking confused. "We are vampires." Derek calmly replied. You stare at them in awe, "Vampires?" you ask. "yes vampires, you might be one too, but we are still finding out." Derek answered.
  4. You finally agree to help, and decide to go to bed. You look for your room, when you stumble upon, Alex's room. You walk inside, and start talking to him, "Alex? Are you in here?" You hear a sad voice answer, "yes." "Why are you so upset?" you ask. "My past...."
  5. "yes," you ask, "Nevermind, I'll tell you another time." Alex answers. You walk down the hall, and find Chase in the dining room. You decide to talk to him. "Hey Chase, could you tell me about about your past?" you ask. "Sure, I am in human years 22, but to all vampires, I am 148. I was born a vampire,, and I changed Derek when I was twelve. Me and him were best friends ever since." Chase answered. "What else?" you ask. "I learned to play guitar, and I love to joke around.not much else, -laughs-" Chase answered. "and can I hear one of your amazingly funny jokes?" you ask."No, I can't think of one right now, haha." He answered.
  6. You finally find your room, and it is very beautiful. you fall asleep and wake up in the morning and dress, then go down to eat.you eat:
  7. Next you go talk to Derek, "Derek, what are the results so far?" you ask him once you get to the science lab. "So far it is strangely positive yet negative at the same time." Derek answers. "Chase told me that he changed you." you reply. 'True, he changed me, we met Bryan and became a trio, we have been best friends since." He answered.
  8. "So back to the blood, am I a vampire or not?" you ask. "Yes, and no, you are half vampire, yet you are stronger then the normal vampire." Derek answered. "Wow," you answer. "that's cool." you leave and go find Bryan, He is in the gym, as usual, lol.
  9. "Hey, ____. What's up?" Bryan asked. "Nothing really, could you tell me about how you became a vampire or when you met Chase and Derek?" you asked. "I became a vampire years ago. I was acting crazy, and got a papercut when I was around my best friend, he got a crazy look in his eyes, and jumped onto me, and sank his fangs into my neck. When I was a new vampire, I was struggling to find some blood. I was attacking innocent humans, and I was going crazy. found me, Andrew brought me here, and taught me to eat animal blood. He was like a father to me, he died protecting me from the argretto, He was a brave man, and I will never let another person die from them again." Bryan answered. you could see the cold glint in his eyes, the fear of loosing someone else he cared about.
  10. "Bryan, how did you meet Chase and Derek?" you asked. "They found me, taking my anger out on innocent people, killing men, women, and even children... I was a mess, I was evil, if Chase hadn't found me..." Bryan trailed off.
  11. You go to sleep again, and have a strange dream. You are in a dark forest, all alone, you see someone, in the distance, he had black hair, with a red streak. He was trying to tell you something, he then all of a sudden transformed... cliffhanger!

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