An emreld city love story (part 1)

OK an Emerld city love story is like the wizard of oz but in a toatlly new and inproved way I think it is a very intresting story and I made it way better than I thought I did so take the quiz by CierraM....

There will be a part 2 and 3 and so on I think you would enjoy it I worked very hard to make this quiz and try to make it popular so please take it and rate and commet and tell me what you think about it rate and commet and tell me what you think about it!

Created by: CierraM

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  1. BEFORE U TAKE THIS QUIZ READ THE DISCRIPTION FIRST ON WHAT THE QUIZ IS ABOUT: now on to the quiz:You live with your aunt and uncle on a fram in Kanssas its just a regular day in your outside with the animals its bright and sunny out.
  2. You deside to go in for a drink of ______.HEY _______ I think you should really stay in there was a storm warning on the weather.your aunt says.
  3. So you just walk up to your room and turn on your tv its on the weather channel and the guy is talking about how its raining very hard.You look out your window and its poring rain. so you find something else to do trying not to fall a sleep.
  4. So your sitting there gazing at the rain out yout window........the sudenly a hugh flash of lightning strikes your window.....
  5. Glass flys every were you jump back but the floor shakes like an earthquake....NOW ALL YOU SEE IS BLACK!
  6. Everythings quiet the ground is not shaking anymore and theres nothing around you but black you can still see though. so you walk towards something that looks like a door you open it....
  7. You take a step forwards to see a land a werid land you had never seen before it was like a dream it was so beautiful and colorful you pinched yourself to make sure you werent dreaming.There was no one else around it was completely quiet.
  8. You stand there wondering if you the only one there so you deside to yell HELLO IS ANYBODY ELSE HERE!....Yes _______there is other people here .You look behind you and see a boy who looks your age with black hair, hazelish brown eyes and a nice smile.
  9. HI my name is Chris he says. How do you Know my name? You ask him. Well when your in emreld city almost every one nos your name. O! you say...
  10. Ok did you like my quiz?if you did there will be a number 2
  11. Whod ya like?ps.there will be more guys to chose from through out the story(:

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