The Stars Shine At Midnight part one

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Welcome to my very first quiz! It is a story written through a series of quizzes. I think most of you know what to do but those who don't this is part one of the story. The next quizzes will go on as part two, part three, ect. You take them to see the story continue.

Hope you'll enjoy it. It involves romance; there will be several guys during the story who will try to win your heart (warning to straight guys: TURN BACK NOW! LOL). Plus it will involve adventure, fantasy maybe, and whatever else I think of. So ENJOY! :D

Created by: MusicXGothic
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  1. It's Friday afternoon finally! After a crazy hard week at school you are looking forward to some down time. What would be your ideal way to spend the night?
  2. Well you're walking home from school and before you can even make plans your mom calls and says that she needs you to go return some books to the library for her. It's just about dusk and the clouds are a warm sepia grey due to the sun's last rays. You're walking through your neighborhood, the library is just a few blocks away. By the time you reach the steps small drops of rain begin falling to the ground.
  3. You see a nice older woman behind the desk sorting books. "Can I help you?" she asks. "Yeah, I'm just returning books." you say. "Oh dear, well I'll have Adam take those," she says sweetly as she takes them from you. A guy who looks about your age comes out from an office in the back. He has dark brown curly hair and soft blue eyes. When he sees you he smiles and asks "Hey do we go to the same school?"
  4. "Um, yeah (place name of school here)?" "Yeah, I've seen you around. Like she said I'm Adam." "Nice I'm ______," you say. The older woman looks more interested. "He's my grandson. So nice of him to help out around here." He resumes working with the books, probably a bit embarrassed. You notice that the rain is coming down harder, followed by a loud clash of thunder. "Have you a way to get home dear?" the grandmother asked. "Well, I can just walk back," you reply.
  5. "I can give you a ride," Adam offers. "I'm heading out too." "Sure," you sigh in relief. "Thanks I'd appreciate it if it's not any trouble." "Not at all," he smiles, putting on his coat. He leads you outside to where a flashy silver Lexus is parked. You're pretty quiet and he seems to be a little shy. "So do you like working in the library?" You say to attempt conversation. "Yeah," he replies thoughtfully. "It's actually kind of nice. I've spent a lot of time writing when things are slow." "You write?" "Yeah, mostly on one story at a time. I really like it."
  6. You guys end up talking and find you both like a lot of the same kind of music and stuff. Time passes so quickly and before you know it you say, "Oh that's my house." He pulls up in front of it, making it a easy run to shelter. "Thanks that was so nice of you to give me a ride," you say getting ready to leave. "No problem," he said gently as he took your hand and kissed it. "I'll see you soon." "Bye," you blush, and you run to the front door.
  7. You can hear his car drive away and search your pocket for your house key... but can't find it. Anxiously you keep looking but have no luck. Great, you think sarcastically out loud. What am I going to do now? You peer through the window and cannot see any trace of your family or parents home. You decide to look for some cover and then you realized how dark it was out. Where are my parents? Wouldn't they be home by now? You're starting to feel hopeless in the dark rain.
  8. All of a sudden you see a white flash of light pass your before your eyes, a strange wave in the night. You are stunned and cannot move. At first you had only saw it once but now it started flashing off and on all around you. Then you see a pair of glowing red eyes in the night, shining like rubies.
  9. They look at you for a moment and you begin to wonder what the hell is going on. "Hello?" you whisper but at the sound of your voice they disappear. You can hear footsteps splashing in puddles and then a thud. Whoever this was seemed to have fallen, you are beyond bewildered. "Hey? Who's there?" Everything is silent again and it was starting to get cold. Your phone's battery is dead if that doesn't make things even worse. Then you hear some rumbling in the bushes...
  10. And that's all the time we have for now! Sorry about leaving you hanging off a cliff! Hope it means you'll come back next time. =) So how'd you like it so far? Thanks for taking by the way. ^_^

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