Teenage Love Affair (Part 17)

"You're invisible Invisible to me My wish is coming true Erase the memory of your face."♥"But I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain And it's 2am and I'm cursing your name You're so in love that you act insane And that's the way I loved you Breakin' down and coming undone It's a roller coaster kinda rush And I never knew I could feel that much And that's the way I loved you"

"All in all it's the perfect scene And there's not anywhere that I would rather be"♥"Midnight in the valley Sprawled out with stars around me"♥"'Cause it's me and you And we're all alone baby Sneaking out our windows, we're on top of the city"

Created by: Julia

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  1. James is dead. Silent tears roll down your cheeks and stain James’ shirt. You quickly wipe them away and glance up at Chase. His face is covered by his hands. You struggle to stand up and comfort him. When you finally get onto your feet you pull Chase’s hands away. Your heart aches when you see Chase’s pain stricken face. You can’t speak so you just hug him and bury your face in his chest. You stand there crying for a long time.
  2. You finally look up when you hear people shouting your name. “______?” Scott and Ashton call. You step away from Chase and stare at the door as they walk it. “No!” Ashton shouts at he runs over to James. Scott just shakes his head sadly and walks over towards James. “What happened?” Scott asks. You close your eyes and look away when Chase retells the story. “…and that’s when I shot Audrina’s hand so she would drop the bag, but I was too late because she had already fired her gun…” Chase mutters. A sparkle of hope flashes through you as you remember the bag was saved.
  3. You swiftly walk over to the green velvet bag on the floor. To your disgust you realize that it is covered in blood. You pick it up anyways and glance over your shoulder. Scott and Chase are standing over James’ body while Ashton kneels beside him. Your heart pounds like a hammer as you try to untie the knot on the bag. With shaky fingers you pull the bag open.
  4. You tilt the bag towards you hand, but neither the stone nor the vile fall out; instead sand pours into your hand. You throw the sand and the bag on the ground and fight back tears. You’re about to walk back towards James when you see a little piece of paper fall out of the bag. You knee down to pick it up and begin to read, ‘I’m sorry. I had to make sure the stuff was safe. – A.’
  5. You ponder the note for a second and then realize that Anthony must have taken the stone and vile. You glance over at Scott and ask, “Did you catch her?” Scott seems to be in another world, but he manages to say, “Catch who?” Annoyed you say, “Lorelei.” That snaps Scott back into reality. He turns to you and says, “No. She has escaped, which means you’re still in danger. We need to get you out of here.”
  6. “What about James?” you ask. You watch Chase cringe out of the corner of your eye as Scott replies, “Well he’ll be buried.” Too quickly you shout, “No!” Trying to recover from your slip you mutter, “Well, shouldn’t we have a funeral with an open casket and invite his family?” Chase sighs and turns to look at you, “His mother is dead, his dad is an alcoholic so they don’t really speak, but I guess his little sister might want to come. Besides that he has no other family.” You are silent as you absorb this information, “Okay, well I don’t think we should bury him just yet.” Ashton stands up, “Well whatever you all decide we better move him soon because either way he needs to be cleaned up.”
  7. Scott begins to pace, “Okay we’ll clean James up and give him a funeral, but for now we need to get you somewhere safe.” Chase says, “There’s no point in hiding ________ any more they already know we have her; which means we could just bring her back to her house because there is plenty of protection there.” Scott nods, “I guess that will work. Ashton, get you’re car I’ll take care of James. Chase, help ______ get her stuff, then meet me back here.”
  8. You walk back to your room with Chase by your side. You grab your suitcase and begin to throw clothes inside. When you finish packing Chase grabs your suitcase, “I won’t see you for awhile.” You nod sadly. Chase sets down the suitcase and hugs you, “I’m sorry all this has happened to you.” You’re not sure how to respond so you just stare into his eyes and murmur, “Thanks.” A faint smile appears on Chase’s lips and he kisses you softly. Then he picks up your suitcase and leads you out the door.
  9. Chase leads you outside where Ashton’s black Mustang is waiting. He hands you your suitcase and says goodbye. You watch Chase walk back into the building before you turn to Ashton. “So, are you ready to leave?” he asks. You nod and put your suitcase in the trunk of the car. He opens the car door for you and you sit down. Once Ashton gets inside he starts the car and zooms away from the agency.
  10. You watch the trees flash by in silence, when a thought occurs to you. “Ashton, if you knew Audrina was bad why didn’t you stop her today in the library.” You watch Ashton’s hands tighten on the steering wheel, but his face doesn’t change. Finally Ashton lets out a long breath and shakes his head, “I didn’t know she was planning on killing anyone. I just knew she was up to no good. You see, I was there when Audrina and you got in the fight before you’re accident. I was standing behind some bushes a little ways away so I couldn’t hear either of you talking, but I could see what you were doing. All I remember is that you got really mad, Audrina slapped you, and then you just walked away. It was no confession of murder, but I knew that meant you weren’t friends. I’m sorry I didn’t do anything…”
  11. Ashton continues to drive and you rest your hand on his shoulder, “It’s okay. You didn’t know that one day she would snap and start killing people. What I don’t understand is how she got into this agency in the first place.” Ashton shrugs, “I don’t know, but I’m going to find out. She was obviously working as a double agent for someone else.” You nod, “Yeah, but the big question is for who?” Ashton replies, “Again, I don’t know, but whoever she is working for knows a lot about you and obviously wants you dead.”
  12. You continue to talk to Ashton and eventually fall asleep. Your dreams are incoherent, but most of them involve James. When you open your eyes again it’s dark outside. “Oh good, you’re awake. We’re almost there,” Ashton says tiredly. You look around trying to figure out where you are, but it’s too dark outside to see anything. The car slows down and pulls onto another rode. When the house comes into view, you gasp and say, “Scott said this was a house not a mansion!” Ashton chuckles at your surprise. As you approach the house you notice that it doesn’t even look like mansion, it looks more like a palace or a castle. You notice everything is illuminated by candle lights; it is beautiful, but also eerie at the same time.
  13. The car turns onto a round-a-bout and then comes to a stop. “We’re here,” Ashton says with a yawn. You stare up in awe at the grand staircase leading towards the entrance. “This is where I live?” you ask in amazement. Ashton nods tiredly and gets out of the car. You follow him to the entrance of the stairwell and begin the climb. When you reach the top you come face to face with a huge beautiful wooden door. The doors swing open silently and light escapes from the room. Your jaw drops when you see the inside of the house. It is so beautiful no words can describe it. Magnificent décor fills the room, a brilliant chandler hangs from the ceiling, and fresh exotic flowers give the room the most amazing smell. You step inside and begin to feel as if you’ve entered the world of fairytales.
  14. Ashton notices that you’re speechless and smiles “Do you like it?” You nod and continue to stare around the room in a trace. “Well you must still be tired. You were tossing and turning a lot in your sleep. I’ll show you to your room,” Ashton says as he begins to walk away. You hurry to catch up with him, but find it hard not to look at all the fascinating objects around you. After Ashton leads you through many corridors and up lots of staircases, you begin to forget where you are. “How big is this place?” you ask. Ashton smiles and shrugs, “I don’t know.” Surprised, you continue to follow Ashton in silence until you approach some double doors. You stair at the striking designs carved into the door. “This is your room,” Ashton says.
  15. You reach your hands out to turn to handles of the doors, but Ashton stops you. “Wait,” he says, “Promise me you won’t turn the lights on in your room until you wake up tomorrow morning.” You look at him quizzically, “Why not?” Ashton’s smile grows, “You’ll see.” You shrug, “Okay, but how am I suppose to find my bed?” Ashton motions to the door, "Open the door and follow the stars on the ceiling." Cautiously you turn the handles. Surprised you stare up at the ceiling and notice tiny sparkling stars across it. "Good night," Ashton murmurs. You turn around to say goodnight, but he is already gone. With a big yawn you follow the stars and find your bed. It is the most comfortable bed you have ever slept on. It only takes a second until you fall asleep.
  16. You are the music while the music lasts:

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