Teenage Love Affair (Part 14)

Okay, okay it's posted! Some things you should know before reading is that it might be somewhat confusing and that Ashton isn't really in this one because he has a major roll in the next quiz! So don't freak. Anyways I didn't put music in the answers, but I'll do that next time since I found a ton of new songs. And one last thing: Part 15 won't be out until next week because I'm going on a cruise. So unless I go on a computer during the cruise the quiz won't be posted until I get back. In the mean time enjoy!

The Boys: Scott – The extremely hot, popular, jock(Mainly football and basketball), who has a tan, six-pack, sandy (dirt blonde) hair, and baby blue eyes. Ashton – The sensitive, nice, funny, boy with freckles, who has dark side-swept brunette hair, and crisp green eyes. Chase – The handsome, compassionate, sporty boy (Different from Scott, plays soccer and lacrosse), who has blonde hair, and chocolate brown eyes. James – The mysterious, talented, emo who has ebony black side-weeping hair with bangs covering one eye, and ocean blue eyes. Anthony – The charming skater/surfer boy, who has somewhat long messy light brown hair and hazel eyes.

Created by: Julia

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  1. On the other side of the campfire, sitting just like you, is the girl from your dreams. You blink, expecting her to disappear, but she doesn’t. Frustrated, you blink again. Nothing. The girl smiles and stands up, “_______, I’ve been waiting for you.”
  2. Cautiously, you stand up as well and ask, “...Who are you?” You watch the girl as she smiles from the other side of the flames. You notice again how she looks exactly like you and when she smiles it’s like looking into the reflection of a mirror. The girl lifts her hand and reaches towards you from across the fire, “My name is Lorelei,” she says as she steps through the flames, “And I’m your sister.”
  3. You take a step back and fall into the sand, “What? No, I don’t have a sister!” Lorelei’s eyes sadden and her smile fades just a bit, “You can’t trust everyone who says they know the truth. You should know that by now...after what happened with Scott.” You scramble to stand up again, “How do you know about that?!” Lorelei laughs, “Well, obviously I know a lot more than you do because of your amnesia.” You pause and let the news sink it, “Okay, if I have a sister why didn’t anyone tell me? Also if you really are my sister how did you survive the accident?”
  4. Lorelei thinks for a second and then decides to answer your questions, “There are a lot of things these spies haven’t told you. For instance, Scott’s so called secret mission is to look for me. They know a lot more than they are telling you, but I guess it’s to keep you safe.” She stops to let you recover from the shock. Filled with questions you ask, “Okay, but why weren’t you killed in the car accident?” Lorelei’s smile fades, “Well, the day of the accident...I ran away.”
  5. You open your mouth to ask why, but Lorelei stops you, “Why I ran away is not important right now. Danger follows you wherever you go, so until you’re safe some things cannot be discussed. For now you must trust in those boys...James, Scott, Ashton, and Chase. Their love just might be enough to keep you alive. Before I go I’ll give you some things that will help you with whatever troubles lie ahead,” as she says this Lorelei unties a small bag from her waste. She hands the bag to you, “Keep the contents of the bag safe. If they fall into the wrong hands I fear for us both.” Unsure, you ask, “Where are you going?” Lorelei rests her hand on your shoulder, “Don’t worry sister I’m not going far and I will be back, but while you wait listen to your dreams for they hold the truth.”
  6. “Now...I’m sorry sister, but I must go,” Lorelei says as she gives you a quick hug and whispers, “Stay safe.” With those last words she turns around and jumps into the flames. You lunge towards Lorelei expecting her to burn in the fire, but instead she disappears.
  7. Feeling somewhat dazed you hurry back to the agency. Not wanting to pretend in front of everyone again you rush to your room. When you reach your room you close the door behind you and slump to the floor. You sigh and look at the bag Lorelei gave you. Curious, you open it up and spill the items onto the floor of your room. The items that fall out are a huge emerald attached to a leather string and something that looks like a beautifully designed purple and blue perfume bottle. Before you can do anything you hear a groan come from your closet.
  8. You pick the items up and carry them into the closet. Once inside you notice that Anthony is awake. “You’re alive!?” you shout. Anthony winces, “Shhhh…they’ll hear you.” You look at Anthony again and to your dismay you realize he still doesn’t look any better. Frustrated, because you can’t do anything to help him you ask, “So how did this happen to you?” Anthony sighs, “I guess there’s no way of avoiding an explanation, is there?” You roll your eyes, “No bull, I want the whole truth.” Anthony sits up and winces again because of the pain, “Okay, okay. I’ve been avoiding the subject for too long. So here it goes: After the dance, I returned to tell my boss that I quit, but because of our contract I was forced to continue working for him. Unlike a regular contract, this contract bonds you through…blood. So because of this I am unable to stop working for him and he still controls me, but I still have the power of freewill and he can’t take that from me.”
  9. “Anyways, I heard him plotting to attack you while you were on that island so I rushed to try and warn you before they could get to you. Obviously I was too late and then I was hit over the head and taken as your agency’s prisoner. After I escaped and talked to you, I was forced to return to my boss. I told you my boss wanted me to suffer. He gave me a second chance to kill you, but of course I told him I’d rather die than kill you. This made him very angry. So angry in fact that he forced me into another blood contract with him. He underestimated my strength though and I managed to break some of the second contract, but it left me half dead and that’s when I came to find your help.”
  10. Anthony pauses and waits for you to start breathing again. When you finally catch your breath you ask, “So this…this scar on your heart was part of the blood contract?” Anthony shakes his head, “No, it’s because I tried to break it.” Confused you ask, “Wait, so how is a blood contract made and how do you break one?” Anthony looks at his scars, unwilling to tell you, but then finally says, “A blood contract is made through hatred and evil. It’s an ugly thing that I wish I’d never become apart of. Now the only thing that can fight hatred is love, so the only way to break a blood contract is if you truly love someone.”
  11. Just then someone knocks on your door. Startled you jump and knock down a bunch of your clothes. You rush into your room and close your closet door. Trying to act inconspicuous you open the door and smile. Standing in the doorway is James. He smiles at you and asks, “May I come in?” Anxiously, you move out of the way and let him in. Still sticking with your casual façade you ask, “So what did you want?” James walks around the room, “You said you were done with your ‘stuff’ so I just wanted to bring you something,” and just like that he pulls a dozen red roses from behind his back, “I also came to see if you wanted any more help killing spiders,” he says with a laugh.
  12. You laugh nervously and take the roses from him, “Oh, wow thank you!” You put the roses on your bedside table, “You know I don’t really need help killing spiders.” James chuckles and walks towards the closet, “I know. I just needed an excuse.” You feel your palms begin to sweat at how close he is to discovering Anthony in your closet. You walk over to James and put yourself between him and the door, “Needed an excuse for what?” He puts his hands on the closet door and leans closer to you. “To kiss you,” his whispers as he closes the gap between you and kisses you keenly on the lips.
  13. When he finishes kissing you, the door knocks again. You slide out of his arms and walk towards the door. You hear his audible sigh of annoyance at the interruption. You open the door and find Chase standing there. “Hey,” he says as he walks in. He notices James leaning against the closet door. Disgusted he says, “I knew I’d find you here. Look, James, we’ve got to go, the agency is setting up some meeting for Scott’s big return and they want us there.” James shrugs, “Yeah, sure, whatever, I’ll go,” he says as he walks out the door. Once he’s out the door Chase turns to you with a cold look, “Still trying not to hurt anyone, ______? Looks like you’re failing because you’re breaking my heart.” With those last words he walks out of the room and slams the door.
  14. Weary from stress, you walk back into the closet. Anthony just looks at you and laughs, “Oh geez, how come I never saw it before. They’re all in love with you! Oh man, that is so classic. Looks like I have some tough competition. You can’t blame them for falling for you though. It’s hard not to love someone as beautiful and unique as you.” You sit on the ground, “Oh, will you please stop! I have enough to worry about already.” You put your hands on your eyes and wait for Anthony to say something. “Whoa, what is that?!” Anthony shouts. You drop you hands and look at around. You gasp as you notice the closet is illuminated in a green glow. You look at the ground and discover that the glow is coming from the emerald. Cautiously you pick up the emerald. It continues to glow and you can feel it vibrating with energy in your hand.
  15. Anthony reaches out his hand, “Can I see it?” You give it to him and the second it touches his skin he gasps. Worried you ask, “What’s wrong? Do your scars hurt?” Anthony looks at the stone in awe, “Nothings wrong…in fact I feel a lot better.” You look at his scars and to your astonishment you realize they’re healing. You watch as his scars dissolve into nothing more then a white outline of the heart. You run your hand over the mark to see if the scars are really gone. “But, how?” you wonder aloud. The stone stops glowing and the closet turns dark.
  16. If it was the end of the world who would you want to be with?

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