Teenage Love Affair (Part 16)

Part 16! Ahh this one is good. Go read it. Thanks again for taking my quizzes and have a great summer!

The Boys: Scott – The extremely hot, dangerous spy, who has a tan, six-pack, sandy (dirt blonde) hair, and baby blue eyes. Ashton – The sensitive, nice, funny, boy with freckles, who has dark side-swept brunette hair, and crisp green eyes(Did I mention he's a spy?). Chase – The handsome, compassionate, sporty boy, who is secretly a spy, who has blonde hair, and chocolate brown eyes. James – The mysterious, talented, emo who has ebony black side-weeping hair with bangs covering one eye, and ocean blue eyes, deadly undercover spy. Anthony – The charming skater/surfer boy, who has somewhat long messy light brown hair and hazel eyes, who is an assassin ordered to kill you, but can't.

Created by: Julia

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  1. You rush towards the door. “Wait!” James shouts, but you’re already out the door. You consider running down the hallway, but before you can a hand grabs your arm and spins you around. “You’re making a big mistake,” Chase says hastily. You jerk you’re arm away, “I’m so tired of listening to peoples’ lies, all I want to know is the truth.” Chase grabs your shoulders, “If you leave now you’ll die.” You struggle to break free of his grasp and mutter, “I thought Scott ‘caught the criminal’”. Chase sighs, “He caught your sister.”
  2. You stumble backwards, “No...that can’t be.” Chase nods, “Yes, you have a sister.” You stare at him, “What? I already know that. What I don’t understand is how Scott got her.” Chase gaps at you, “You knew you had a sister? How? Is your memory coming back?”
  3. An idea pops into your head, “I’m not telling you until I get some real answers about my life.” Ashton and James appear by the doorway with Scott staring at the ceiling behind them. Chase sighs and looks at the guys, “A little help?” Ashton shrugs, “Hey, I told you guys this was a stupid idea from the beginning.” Chase turns to James, “Don’t look at me. Scott should tell her.” All the guys look at Scott, “What?” he mutters. Chase raises his eyebrows, “So what’s it gonna be, chief?” Scott puts his hands in his pockets, “Don’t call me that and I guess it’s about time we tell her everything we know...”
  4. Scott leads everyone to the dining hall and takes a seat, “So, where should we start?” You ponder that for a second then reply, “I’m just curious, why do you seem to be in charge around here?” Scott chuckles, “Well, I’m not in charge. I just have a higher rank than the rest of these guys,” he says as he gestures to Ashton, Chase, and James. You fold your hands in your lap, “Okay, I guess just start from the beginning then.”
  5. Scott takes a deep breath and then begins his story, “So, you already know you have a twin sister. What you didn’t know is that you also had a younger brother. He was going to be the heir to the throne, but he was murdered. We have evidence that leads us to believe he was murdered by your sister.” You gasp, but let him continue, “You see this happened a few days before your accident. Your brother had gone off to play in the woods. After many hours he did not return, so your parents sent us to go looking for him. We searched and searched, but we didn’t find anything. Finally we heard someone crying and we went to see who it was. Leaning against a tree covered in blood was your sister, Lorelei. Next to her on the ground was your brother. He was covered in hundreds of cuts and had a knife sticking out of his heart. When Lorelei saw us she grabbed the knife out of your brother’s chest and ran deeper into the woods. We were too stunned to stop her, but when we finally ran after her, she was gone.”
  6. You stare at the table for a second before you speak, “That doesn’t necessarily prove that Lorelei killed my brother.” Scott nods, “It doesn’t, but the knife your sister ran away with was a family heirloom that could only be accessed by your family’s bloodline. So that means she is one of the only possible suspects that could have taken that knife. Also we have a theory that your sister wanted to eliminate every possible heir to the throne in order to rule over your families secrets.” You snort, “If she wanted to kill all the heirs why didn’t she kill me too?” Scott shrugs, “She tried remember the car crash. Your parents and you were on the way to your brother’s funeral when the attack happened but, luckily you survived.”
  7. You ask skeptically, “So now you have her here? Locked up?” Scott nods. Just then a man in a suit walks through the door, “Sir, urgent news.” Scott gets up, “What is it?” The man glances at you unsure, “It’s about the prisoner.” Scott nods, “What happened?” The man pulls out his gun, “She escaped.”
  8. At those words everyone pulls out a gun. Scott runs towards the door and looks over his shoulder, “James and Chase, look after _______. Ashton come with me.” The guys immediately follow orders and rush you out of the room. You run down a corridor with Chase and James at your side. You turn a corner and run into Audrina. She smiles at you, but you don’t smile back. She says breathlessly, “Scott told me to take ________ he needs you to search the east-wing.” Unsure, James and Chase look at one another, but Audrina says quickly, “Scott’s orders not mine.” At that the boys look at you and then run off in the other direction.
  9. Audrina grabs your arm and drags you into a room. You look around the room. It is very dull and grey. There are no windows and only a chair. Audrina locks the door behind you and begins to laugh “Oh gosh, they’re so stupid. I can’t believe they fell for that.” You back away from Audrina and suddenly wish you had that shotgun with you. “I saw you and Ashton in the library earlier,” you say casually. Audrina grins at you wickedly, “Good. I’m tired of this nice charade. Look b----, I hate you. Always have and always will.” You stare at her dumbfounded, “I thought you were my best friend.” Audrina rolls her eyes, “Yeah right, like I would ever be best friends with you. Sadly you found out what I was up to ten minutes before you accident, but then you were in that horribly hilarious car crash. It couldn’t have worked out better. You never told anyone, you forgot everything, and I was able to get close to you again. Now for the final part of the plan.”
  10. “What are you going to do to me,” you ask as you back away again. Audrina laughs, “Well before your accident I was going to torture you until you told me all of your family’s secrets, but now since you don’t remember any I don’t have to. Looks like you brought some secrets right to me,” Audrina holds up the bag that Lorelei gave you. You glare at her, “Those don’t belong to you.” Audrina rolls her eyes, “yeah, big boo-who. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is I shoot you in the head and you die quickly. The hard was is I shoot you in the guts and you die a slow painful death. Which will it be?”
  11. “Tick-tock, tick-tock ______. We don’t have all day,” Audrina mocks. Suddenly the door makes a loud crashing sound and falls to the floor. Standing in the doorway are Chase and James, “You didn’t really think we were that stupid. Did you Audrina?” asks Chase. James glares at her and points his gun, “Yeah we heard the whole thing.” Audrina yawns, “Oh look who’s here. Came to join the party?” Chase points his gun and walks into the room, “Put your gun down and we won’t kill you.” Audrina laughs, “Put your gun down and I won’t kill your precious ______.” James walks into the room too. Audrina walks towards the door, “Well it was nice seeing you boys again or should I say men? Since you’re all tough with your guns.” James lifts his gun, “Don’t take another step.” Enraged, Audrina points her gun at you and fires.
  12. It all happens to fast: James lunges, Chase fires, the room is a chaotic mess of shooting. It seems as if time slows down as you wait for the impact of the bullet to hit you, but nothing happens. Instead you watch as James jumps in front of you and falls to the ground. Then you see Audrina scream and drop the bag Lorelei gave you. Her hand is gushing blood. She looks at it and runs. Chase doesn’t follow her, instead he runs to your side, “Are you okay?” Dazed you mutter, “Yeah.” Chase looks at James and gasps, “No.” You look at James in horror and notice the bullet hit him in the heart. You fall to your knees in front of James and put your hand on his chest, but it doesn’t move. James is dead.
  13. Why pick one? When you can have them all.

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