How well do you know your STARS?

There are many stars in the sky and here on our Earth. How well do you know your favorite stars? Take this quiz to find out some interesting facts about your favorite stars! (that was redundant)

Do you know crazy facts about the most talked about celebrities? Do you want to know more. Thanks to this brilliant quiz you will either walk away with more information, or unsure about what you know!

Created by: maggie

  1. Which female star is NOT a vegetarian?
  2. What is Reese Witherspoon's birth name?
  3. Which movie did Orlando Bloom NOT star in?
  4. Who is the richest star under the age of 30?
  5. What year was Sean Connery Born?
  6. Who has NOT had plastic surgery?
  7. Which female actress has NOT posed for playboy?
  8. Which actor was in the highest- grossing film?
  9. Which star was NOT named as one of People Magazine's Most Beautiful People of 2007?
  10. Which is NOT a star baby name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my STARS?