How well do you know Dancing with the Stars?

There are may people in the world that like to dance and take dance classes, and a lot of them are because of Dancing with the Stars, the most popular reality show on TV. There have already been five seasons of Dancing with the Stars.

So, do you think you remember every week of every season? Test your Dancing with the Stars knowledge by taking this quiz of 20 questions! Good luck, and have fun taking this quiz!

Created by: Katie

  1. Who came in second place in season 2?
  2. Who danced the paso doble to "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi in season 3?
  3. Which of these stars was in season 5 and came in third place?
  4. Who won season 2?
  5. Who was eliminated in week four of season 4?
  6. Which star dropped out because of divorce?
  7. Which one was NOT in season 5?
  8. What song did Lisa Rinna dance her paso doble to in week four of season two?
  9. What was the color of Heather Mills' jive outfit in week three of season four?
  10. Who was given the encore dance for week 1 of season 5?
  11. Who won season 1?
  12. Who performed on the first results show of season five?
  13. When Avril Lavigne performed on one of the results shows, who danced?
  14. Who was eliminated in week 3 of season 3?
  15. Which dance did Jane Seymour NOT do?
  16. What was Marie Osmond's farewell dance?
  17. Which one has NOT been on Dancing with the Stars?
  18. Who won season 5?
  19. True or False: When Marie Osmond fainted, she dropped out of the competition.
  20. True or False: Emmitt Smith's freestyle was danced to by "You Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer.

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