will YOU ever be famouse?

there are much people with talent but no true super-starssuper-stars are rarly found famouse people are but not true super-stars,they can act in diffrent emotions and people with in seconds and be very dramatic and see the world through an entierly film point of view

are YOU ever going to be famouse?you prorbobly always dreamed of going to all the premeir partys and walking down that long red carpet well you are about to find out if this is your calling!

Created by: rachel of x-bestfriendsareforever-o
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  1. have you ever acted?
  2. do you want to be an acter or actress
  3. what part did you get in any plays?
  4. has anyone ever tlod you if your good?
  5. have you ever auditioned for a tv or movie role?
  6. did you get a part in a tv or movie?
  7. do you enjoy acting?
  8. are you a drama queen or king?
  9. do you have stage fright?
  10. how long have you wanted to act?

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Quiz topic: Will I ever be famouse?