What Car Are You?

This is a test about tuner cars, and if you know a lot about them you should do fine. There are many tricky questions abut cars, to test you mind and car skills.

If you are one of those who like tuners, and know a lot about them take this test and see what car you are. There are different types of cars you can get like the famouse Nissan Skyline, and Toyota Supra!

Created by: Tyler
  1. Do you like going fast?
  2. Do you like all-wheel dive cars?
  3. Do you prefer a turbocharger over a supercharger?
  4. What's your favorite game?
  5. Do you like front-wheel drive cars?
  6. Do you prefer manual, or auto?
  7. Are all-wheel drive cars the best for drag racing?
  8. What would increase the most acceleration in a car?
  9. Does revving up a car waste gas?
  10. Which is not a part for a car?
  11. Do you like pizza?
  12. Do all cars have clutch plates?
  13. Witch one is not a Nissan?
  14. Are you using a desk-top computer, or a laptop?
  15. How many laps are in the Daytona 500?
  16. Do all cars come stock with fog lights?
  17. Do you like lowered cars?

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Quiz topic: What Car am I?