Are you a "Ricer" or "Tuner" ???

in the world of car tuning there is the "RICERS" and the "TUNERS." So you're not sure if you are a "RICER" or a "TUNER" huh? Time to find out! Take this quiz and find out if you are a "RICER" or a "TUNER"

Think you're really a "TUNER" you may be surprised. Take this quiz and determine where you stand in the world of cars. Think decals and spoilers add horsepower, you'll be shocked when you take this quiz. What? You chicken?

Created by: Andrew
  1. Your friend decides to get a larger spoiler for his car, he asks you if you want his old stock one. What do you say?
  2. You are in the market to buy new rims, what do you get?
  3. You just won $3000.00 to spend on your ride. What would you choose out of these answers?
  4. You pull up to a traffic light and the guy next to you revs his motor and yells "Wanna run em?" You reply...
  5. Your at a stop light and the car next to you has more decals than a stock car. What do you thik to yourself?
  6. You decide to get a new muffler, what do you choose?
  7. Your thought on hood scoops.
  8. The stereo in your car.
  9. You go out to your car and find rice poured all over the hood and think
  10. Do you know what your car weighs?
  11. fghgfhfg

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Quiz topic: Am I a "Ricer" or "Tuner" ???