Car Enthusiast

There are some of us who think we are True Enthusiasts, and some who are. Prove yourself not a ricer. Enthusiasts are simply enthusiastic about stuff, so a car enthusiast must be enthusiastic about cars.

This quiz will separate the Racers from the ricers, find out which you are, Answer the questions truthfully. A true enthusiast will find the correct answers easily

Created by: George K
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  1. Whats a spoiler used for?
  2. True or false: The more turbos you car has the faster it will be.
  3. True or false: The more turbos you car has the faster it will be.
  4. How many Screens are in your car?
  5. Did you remove you spare tire, back seat, and/or washer bottle to save weight, yet add sub and system?
  6. What causes oversteer?
  7. What is boost?
  8. What causes understeer?
  9. What is Drafting?
  10. Which is better for racing?
  11. Where do you get most of your performance parts?
  12. What does a air diffuser do?
  13. How many times have you been to the Track? Or dragstrip, or autoX.
  14. When you go to car meets you do what?
  15. Do you have a NOS bottle but its not hooked up?
  16. Does your Exhaust make more Sound Decibels than your engine does Horsepower?

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