How Smart Of a Car Enthusiast Are You?

A whole lot of people really like cars but not everyone actually knows a damn thing about them. Taste is a big issue that is debatable but the purist has one vision. Fast as hell in every way possible.

You like cars? Want to see if you're capable of being a respectable car modifier and enthusiast? Take this quiz and see how smart and tasteful you really are about cars.

Created by: Chance Aubrey
  1. Which car do you want the most as an all around performance car?
  2. If I say its gotta be toed in on the front about 1.5 degrees what does that mean?
  3. What is a gt-35r?
  4. What is the first modification you should do to a turbo car?
  5. Which car can handle better?
  6. Which is better for a fuel system?
  7. What is the difference between the engine in a Subaru wrx sti in america and in japan?
  8. Which year of Cadillac had the biggest fins ever used on one?
  9. Which is the fasted production car in the world now?
  10. What is your philosophy on car modifying?

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Quiz topic: How Smart Of a Car Enthusiast am I?