every body is smart in there own way but only some are truly dumb and super smart which is totally extremely smart and this quiz is just for fun and the results are for fun fun fun fun

are you one of the trillion people who think they are smart super smart average or ever dumb well your going to see in just a few seconds or how ever long it will be

Created by: ZAC

  1. What is 1+1
  2. how does it feel to be in a remote
  3. Zac has 10 apples and tommy comes over and takes a couple how many are left
  4. whats the difference between tomato soup and pee soup
  5. is water carbonated
  6. what is the best time of the year
  7. whats the difference between funny and igorence
  8. why do boys try to impress girls
  9. what does T H stand for
  10. whats the best present
  11. what is considered junk mail
  12. what is dumb
  13. what is the most famous bowl
  14. what do you call a hot air balloon operator
  15. why is 6 afraid of 7
  16. whats the dumbest name
  17. what is the most dangerous thing you can have with a license
  18. why do females go before males

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