There's many an Enthusiast who likes to talk some good 'Gen' but who really has the expert knowledge when it comes to all things Railways? Do you want to try your luck on the random Railway quiz from the British Railways Enthusiasts Forum?

Thanks to the BREF quiz your ever present queeries in the back of your mind from day to day will be answered in just a few minutes, how much do i really know about Raiways?? Well, take on these questions and see just how well you do!!


  1. What was the sub class designation of the Class 37s used on Channel Tunnel night trains?
  2. How many Class 40's were built with Nose end doors & marker disks?
  3. Which BR locomotive was named 'Steadfast'?
  4. What was the Principle difference of Class 47's No. D1702-6?
  5. How many Cylinders does a Class 33 Sulzer power unit have?
  6. Which Class 35 Hymeks were retained by BR for dead-load trials?
  7. Where were the first 'Peak' Sulzer engines built?
  8. What was the Intended name for Warship class D812 but never carried?
  9. What was the Final regular duty for the Class 52 Westerns before their withdrawal?
  10. The closed Fen Drayton sand quarry was on which branch?
  11. What was the Original Livery carried by the first four LNER 'A4s'
  12. Parts from which withdrawn GWR class were re-used in the Manors?
  13. What number did Midland 0-10-0 Lickey banker carry in its Midland Railway years?
  14. What terminus on the Vale of Rheidol Railway would you arrive at if departing from Aberystwyth?
  15. What was the number of the ill fated English Electric type 3 that collided with an on coming train at Bridgend in 1965?
  16. What was the Southern Railways class letter for the 'schools' class?
  17. Preserved prototype diesel shunters 'TOM' & 'TIGER' were built by which company?
  18. What was the maximum speed of a parcels designated class 47?
  19. How many AEI/Beyer Class 82 electrics were built?
  20. How many class 86's were reconstructed with bogies similiar to those fitted to class 87's?
  21. How many class 71's were converted to class 74's?
  22. Where were the original series of 30 class 56's assembled?
  23. In which year did the first GM class 59 arrive in the UK?
  24. Which locomotive pioneered the use of British Railways 'Large Logo' livery?
  25. What European country did a number of class 20's work in up until their recent repatriation?
  26. The Voith Company built which part of the Diesel Hydraulic locomotives?
  27. How many Axles does a 1-Co-Co-1 locomotive have?
  28. What was the 'Cods Mouth' on an LNER Class A4 Pacific?
  29. Name the tunnel found between Castle Cary & Taunton
  30. What was the Flying Scotsmans original number?
  31. How many Standard Steam Locomtives did British Railways build?
  32. What class of locomotive was/is known as a 'teddy bear'?
  33. What year were the expensive Advanced Passenger Train units withdrawn from service?
  34. Which of the 'Big 4' pre nationalisation companies handed over 7,850 steam locomotives, the most of any company, to BR in 1948?
  35. How many Class 50's are preserved out of the original 50 built?
  36. Which name was the only name a Class 45 'Peak' carried that didnt signify a Regiment?
  37. What Type 1 diesel locomotive can still be found in service with Direct Rail Services today?
  38. Name the Two post Privatisation Liveries that 'Crompton' 33030 has carried.
  39. Which Class 37 currently carries the name 'Stratford TMD Quality Aproved'?
  40. How many Class 58's are in use in Mainland Europe?

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