modern weapons of the 2000's

There are many gun enthusiasts in the world, of all sizes and all ages. This quiz is made for those type of people, by those type of people. We hope you enjoy! (And get a good score.)

Do you have the knowledge and brainpower of a gun enthusiast? Or even someone who likes weapons and military. Try this quiz out and learn or perfect facts of the military.

Created by: gunsandguns

  1. Depending on the fact that a 50. caliber round fired from a Desert Eagle can penetrate and pass through an engine block, what is the average number of watermelons that the same round can pass through?
  2. What does SEALS stand for?
  3. what weapon, created by the company Heckler and Koch, is a version of the m-16 series and has capabilities of the AK-47 in that it will not jam in certain events
  4. In what mission did Navy SEALS team 6 use two stealthy Black Hawks to get into Osama Bin Laden's compound
  5. What shotgun is the most commonly used by SWAT?
  6. What manufacturer created the M249 "SAW"?
  7. How many rounds must be fired before an standard loaded m1911 empties?
  8. How many rounds, of all combinations, can a tiny Glock 35 hold?
  9. How long does it take for the fastest shooter to empty 8 pistol rounds?
  10. What fighter plane has a very large gattling gun placed on the front, with two large engines, and is used in the U.S military as a troop supporter.

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