Command and Conquer 3: GDI Knowledge Test

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The Global Defense Initiative, or GDI, has long been the representative force of world order, defending the planet against both the ravages of Tiberium and the incursions of Nod. The Third Tiberium War brought with it a new foe, the alien Scrin invaders, stretching GDI’s capabilities. In response, GDI has developed new weapons and tactics in order to endure as the protector of the world’s population.

How well do you know these new weapons and tactics? Do you think you know enough to fight this war against the legions of the Brotherhood of Nod and the fleet of the Scrin? If you think so, take this quiz and see just how much you know, or need to learn.

Created by: Agar Man
  1. What unit type is an unupgraded Pitbull Scouting vehicle effective against?
  2. What is a mortar-upgraded Pitbull effective against?
  3. What is the best anti-infantry tier one unit of GDI?
  4. What is the preferred anti-structure APC garrison?
  5. What is the best TIER-ONE anti-heavy-armor vehicle of GDI, and possibly the entire game?
  6. What kind of vehicle is the Rig?
  7. What upgrade does the Grenadier get?
  8. Which does more damage?
  9. What units are the Orca's rockets effective against?
  10. What should be the main target of the Firehawk Bomber?
  11. What are the Firehawk's missiles good against?
  12. What defensive special ability does the Rifleman Squad have?
  13. What infantry unit can fire on Aircraft?

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