Command and Conquer Generals: Would You Survive?

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This quiz if for people who play Command and Conquer Generals. If you don't you can still take it too. Command and Conquer Generals is a war/strategy game where you have to fight the enemy. The Generals part is not really the game there are other Command and Conquers, but I like the Generals one.

If you lived in the C&C Generals world, could you make it? Could you survive ambushes and long waits? Could you survive the tanks and missiles? In this quiz you will find out!

Created by: Snowwhisker
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  1. How fit are you on a 0-20 scale? (20= very very fit)
  2. Do you know how to operate a machine gun?
  3. Could you fire and drive an armed vehicle? (i.e. tanks, laser trucks, etc.)
  4. Can you adapt to new or unusual environments or buildings?
  5. How wise are you with money?
  6. What is a Cold Fusion Reactor?
  7. Would you be able to sit in a building for hours knowing that you could be ambushed at any time?
  8. If the enemy sent a nuclear missile at your base and it destroyed half your buildings what would you do?
  9. How much of a leader are you?
  10. You have low power and virtually no money but you have a million fire bases. Do you sell one?
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