Can you survive a neclear bomb

People need to know how to survive this because one day the world could brake out into nuclear warfare. you should be prepaird. even if you think these quizes are atupid take it any way.

can you survive the modern day disaster. can you suvive the nuke. can you make it out of the killzone alive and tell about it or will you be another victom to warfare

Created by: Ben

  1. Terrorists have broken into a neclear testing facility what do you think is going to happen
  2. you hear that a nuke has just been launched it will hit your house in 1 minute what do you do
  3. say you were out camping when it hit what do you do
  4. you survived when the bomb hit your wouse what do you do next
  5. you decided to wait how long do you wait
  6. do you have supplies in an certain are for a disaster
  7. you survived the bomb camping what do you do know
  8. you have waited for a few days in your house you hear a rescue helicopter what do you do
  9. its been a week you head out side then what do you do
  10. now what
  11. your healthy now what do you do
  12. will you survive

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Quiz topic: Can I survive a neclear bomb