Can you survive a zombie attack

A zombie out brake has just struck your area and infecteds are moving in to kill you. will you survive. can you survive. other zombie quizes have been based on idears this quiz is based on facts

Can you survive. will you survive. take the quiz to see if you will be one of the few in the world or if you will be another one spending a lifetime trying to kill the survivers

Created by: Ben

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  1. you hear there is a zombie out breake what do you do
  2. you have a group and you need to find a place to brarracade yourself where do you go
  3. How fast can you run
  4. how long can you run
  5. whta is the best armor for this envasion
  6. what is the best weapon of choice for a zombie invasion
  7. what is the best weapon atchment of choice for a zombie invasion
  8. whats your plan for an attack
  9. what happens if you run out of food or water
  10. you need to leave your hide out and you have run out of gas for your car what now
  11. the govornment says a new cure will be given to survivors tommorow do you trust the cure
  12. the cure had problems and made the infected even stronger every one who took it is now infected. what now
  13. your group are the last non infected people in the world what now
  14. did you like the quiz

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Quiz topic: Can I survive a zombie attack