The Ultimate Zombie Survival Quiz

Will you survive the zombie attack? see if you can with this quiz m8. You might be able to. now comes the random characters. HERE WE GO! i am a duck who likes moo moo, i am i moo who likes a darn ksu haha this is kinda funny

Gosh, i bet you are wondring if you would survive a zombie attack, come see if you will! glogen sheep cow moo quack duck The duck can quack at the cow. Why winkie, i d k lol anyways, gibberish rocks dont it

Created by: Treg
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  1. The news of a strange virus on the east coast gets out. The reporter says that infected persons are beginning to die. What do you do?
  2. Two days after the virus breaks out. The news reporter on television states that the infected persons that have died, are coming back to life, and attacking the living, The virus is in almost all continents. And no cure is out. What do you do?
  3. 10 days in. Infected are now walking the streets, assuming you have left town, where do you go?
  4. You are on the road, assuming you have only some of your close friends with you. One friend has a rifle, The others have only hand guns. And you have an axe. Your friends offer to trade weps, which one do you choose?
  5. You are in a car on the road with your friends. Zeds seem to have invaded almost everywhere you have went. So you decide to go to a rural area, or just the middle of nowhere. You are on a dirt road. All of the sudden, you see a house all on its own on the horizon. You drive up to see the front door open, with blood on the ground. What do you do?
  6. You eventually find another house, in a seemingly rural area. You check it. No zeds are in there, yet just a few supplies remain in the house. You eventually start to board up the house, and make it your new base. Things go good for a few days with only a zombie straying around here and there. All the sudden you hear a knock on your door, you open the door to see a little girl standing there with blood on her shirt, asking to come in, you notice a gash in her arm. What do you do?
  7. One day, you and your pals leave your base to go scavenge for food in some small towns south of you. You go in town, kill a few zeds, gather supplies, and come back home. You pull up the drive way to see your front door pummeled in, windows shattered, and a bloody handprint on the outside wall of the house, what do you do?
  8. You find another survivor camp, you ask to join them, they let you in. You fall asleep in one of the bunkers. At around midnight you hear men screaming and gunfire. You dont know what is going on. You sit up and open your bedroom door. to see a zombie looking straight at you and starts running right for you. You look beside you to see a comb, a towel, a glass fishbowl, and a toothbrush. Which of these do you attempt to use against the zombie?
  9. In the battle at the bunker, your friend is bitten. He tells you that he is fine, and not to worry, what do you do?
  10. Near the end of the zack battle, you have been bitten. What do you do?

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