The Zombie Survival Quiz!

This quiz will test your ability about zombie survival,this means we will test your experience,brain and physichal abilities,and...Its fun!Plese somment and rate!

Please be honest in the answers,dont lie or keep your secrets from us,no body can see your answers!It took 4 hours to made and please comment and rate please!

Created by: Psycho

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Ok,easy first,while shooting a zombie,where do you need to aim?
  2. What is the ideal weapon?
  3. How many people do you have in your party?
  4. Where is your shelter?
  5. Which kind of vehicle is the best?
  6. While raiding a store,what kind of food do you grab?
  7. Which time are you going to travel?
  8. Which melee weapon is the best?
  9. While entering a room,you must...
  10. Ok,lets talk about your phsichal abilities,how can you describe your body type?
  11. Can you run fast?
  12. How much experience have you got in firearms?
  13. Do you know any martial arts?
  14. Ok,be honest,are you brave?
  15. Your best friend is bitten!What do you do know?
  16. Zombies are worse at...
  17. How do you board up the windows or doors?
  18. Fire is effective against zombies,right?
  19. Why zombies are too strong?
  20. What is your armor?
  21. Last questsion!While melee fight,you must...

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