Zombie Survival

Zombie survival, basically is about how well you will survive when and if zombies take over the world. THis quiz is based in North America. See if you can survive.

WOuld you survive the zombie attack? would you survive? Or would you die a horible death. FInd out after answering a few questions and then we and you will know!

Created by: Billy
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What kind of shape are you in?
  2. How Much do you excercise?
  3. Where do you spend most of your time?
  4. Does your career have anything do to with these topics?
  5. Do you have any milatary, police, security, or survival training?
  6. Have you ever fired a gun?
  7. What type of vehicle can you operate?
  8. Where do you live?(IN the United States,region wise)
  9. What type of house do you live in?
  10. Do you own a gun?
  11. What is the population of the city you live in?
  12. How many windows and doors do you have?
  13. How far could you run?
  14. How much do you eat?
  15. If a disease outbrake occured where would you go?
  16. How much do you watch tv?
  17. Do you have an evacuation plan?
  18. Have you ever seen some one die gruesomely or have a gruesome injury?
  19. Can you drive a stick?
  20. Can you operate a plane or helicopter?
  21. Do you know how to operate a boat?
  22. Is every human life prescious?
  23. Do you know any martial arts?
  24. Can you swim?
  25. Pick an everyday weapon to defend yourself against something
  26. You hear on the radio that people in New York City are eating other people. What do you do?
  27. Continued from question number 28.
  28. Of these assalt weapons which one would you pick.
  29. When you hear zombies have taken places all over, how do you feel?
  30. What do you know about zombies?
  31. Your friend is bitten by a zombie what do you do?
  32. What's the best way to kill a zombie?
  33. Do you have a plan if zombies take over?
  34. If you could go anywhere when zombies attack where would you go?(Untied States_)
  35. You are surrounded by 20 zombies, and you have 5 bullets in you pistol, what do you do?
  36. You see a group of 5 getting attacked by 5 zombies what do you do?
  37. You boarded up your house then zombies break in what do you do?
  38. You get cornered in a room by zombies what do you do?
  39. What do you do with dead infected bodies
  40. Someone in your family was bitten what do you do?
  41. You finally leave and get to your destination what do you do first?
  42. What type of company would you like to have with you?
  43. If you need food and the local grocery store was locked what would you do?
  44. You have a motorcyle and there are 5 survivors on the side of the road but you only have room for one?Who do you pick.
  45. You and your large group of people are low on food.What do you do?
  46. You see a large group of people with weapons walking down the street what do you do?
  47. Your a bad leader, and everyone in your group knows, what do you do?
  48. Your running low on food, what do you do?

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