wuould you survive a zombie uprising

there are few people who can survive a zombie uprise.you need pretty good chances,but could you make it.test your knowledge about the undead,to survive.

can withstand the monsterous behavoir of a zombie.can you qualify for survival.thanks to this test you can find out.so go ahead and give it a try.come it's awesome why not try it.

Created by: zombiefanatic
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how fit are you?(don't lie)
  2. in your zombie survival pack are mainly?
  3. were would you make a safe house at?
  4. how wuold you fotify your safe house?
  5. when do alot of zombies come out?
  6. you fended off a horde of zombies last night.what are going to do today?
  7. zombies are overrunning your safe house.now what?
  8. what vehicle wuold you use?
  9. theres a class 3 outbreak.you have to get out of town.what is your transpotation?
  10. where will you go?

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