MM's Zombie Survival Quiz

This is my zombie survival quiz. It is basedon every fact I know about zombies I know. Zombies are my favrate monster and they are also the scarriest. That is why I base my quiz on them.

The world is invaded by zombies. What is your chance of survival? Take this quiz to find out. Will you survive or will you become one of the them. Take the quiz and find out.

Created by: Michael McDonald
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  1. What is a zombie?
  2. How do you kill a zombie?
  3. What do zombies eat?
  4. Where do zombies gather.
  5. Do you have any hand-to-hand training?
  6. Can you get a leathal weapon (firearms, baseball bat knife or other bladed weapon) in your hands within a minute of finishing this sentance?
  7. Do you have a solid survival plain?
  8. Can you fly a plain or helicoptor?
  9. You walk into an ally and get surrounded. You have a shotgun, 10 shells and a hatchet. You...
  10. You come across a group of survivers. What do you do.
  11. A few years pass after Z-Day and know you and 20 other survivors are held up in a police station. You go out on patrol and find an armory. You take a...
  12. What is your job in the group?
  13. A few weeks pass and the police comes under attack. Who do try to save?
  14. After the attack you and 3 survivors are alive. A helicoptor comes with 5 US marines. They take you and the survivors to a safe place. What do you think as they take you to a safe area?

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