how likely are you to survive a zombie attack?

what would happen if zombies attack your town? will you stand and fight? or will you run. are you even prepared to fight? can you fight? what would you fight with?

anwser this quiz and find out just how prepared are you for a zombie attack and find out if youll survive. mabye you might just make it out alive. or mabye youll be used as zombie bait.

Created by: john
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  1. do you have a fear of zombies, the dark, and/or being alone?
  2. are you physically fit?
  3. do you know how to fire a gun?
  4. a zombies in front of you!!!! what do you do.
  5. what do you think the best weapon to fight a zombie?
  6. do you belive in power in numbers?
  7. which is the best place to shoot?
  8. do you even own a gun?
  9. do you hate violence?
  10. do you hate blood?
  11. do you rely on the goverment to save you?

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Quiz topic: How likely am I to survive a zombie attack?