zombie attack! will you survive

there are few people that can make it.i want to know if its you!...im serious because if this happens meet me in indianpolis,IN.not kidding.NOT KIDDING.

take my quiz to prove you can survive good luck you need it!hahahhahhaha. take my quiz to see if your are the 1 out of 100 people to survive.rate me after your done.message me if you liked it at [no emails]!

Created by: austin

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. what will you barricade?
  2. what will you use to barricade?
  3. what is your 1sthand gun
  4. whats your 2nd hand gun
  5. whats your melee weapon?
  6. what size group do you want?
  7. your brother/sister is surrounded by 20 zombies.what do you do?
  8. what do you do with him\her?
  9. your friend has been bit. what do you do?
  10. if you could pick one thing that's a defence tool that CANNOT be turned into a zombie what would it be?(human\dogs\zombies)
  11. if you found a colt45 on the ground with a bullets with it who would you give it to?
  12. zombies break trough the baricade. what do you do?
  13. your are surrounded by 30 zombies and with a melee weapon only and its about to break. are you screwed?
  14. who would you like to have as a group?
  15. what is your get away plan(cars\truck\heavy cars or trucks)(in this all car are destroyed)
  16. what weapon would you use even if it had 10 bullets(shells\grenades)
  17. are you good with hand-to-hand combat
  18. would you risk yourself to stop the infection.
  19. if you had 5 bullets and 6 zombies are you ok?
  20. if you ha to pick a more fortifyded place what would it be
  21. would you want to be in the sitution

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Quiz topic: Zombie attack! will I survive